Hermes is one of the luxury fashion brands with the most awaited collections, including their Spring-Summer 2023 bag collection. Cited from multiple sources, Hermes has shown their spring-summer line for this year, bringing a new touch to their popular collections, such as Kelly and Birkin.

Be prepared for a Kelly with feathers and a new pattern for Birkin. Aside from fresh changes for the Kelly and Birkin series, Hermes also released half-moon and two-bucket bags. If you are excited to discover the Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 bag collection, check it out here!

Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 Bags

1. Kelly Bag Accented with Feathers at the Front

Tas Hermes Spring-Summer 2023
Photo by @thebaghag

The first Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 bag is from the Kelly series, accented with feathers at the front. The feather color matches the bag. The addition of feathers makes this bag extra unique.

If you crave the spotlight, this Kelly bag is an absolute must-have! This feather-accented Kelly looked similar to the Kelly to Go and Kelly 25. It comes in orange, brown, and black colors.

2. Birkin Bag with a New Color and Pattern

Tas Hermes Spring-Summer 2023
Photo by @thebaghag

Birkin is another one of Hermes’ most famous lines. The Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 bag collection released a new pattern and color for the Birkin series. A geometric pattern with contrasting leather color will be on the front.

Next, Hermes launched a new color for the Birkin, the perfect summer shade. A blue and white Birkin will have a unique and robust matting pattern. Are you excited to get your hands on it?

3. Crescent Moon Shoulder Bag

Photo by @thebaghag

Aside from the two popular series, be prepared for more new collections by Hermes this year, including a crescent moon shoulder bag named Arcon.

This bag is pretty big, so it suits those of you who often carry a lot of belongings. It has a zipper at the top and a diagonal zipper at the front. The bag comes in various neutral colors.

4. Two Bucket Bag with Feathers

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The next Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 collection is a two-bucket style bag with feathers. Feathers surround this cylindrical bag, and it comes in different colors such as white, black, orange, and many more, all with matching feathers.

This bag is perfect for those who enjoy a simple look and only need to carry a few items while on the go. Moreover, the unique shape and feather detail easily catch attention. So, are you ready to be the center of the spotlight with this Hermes collection?

5. Half Moon Shoulder Bag

Tas Hermes Spring-Summer 2023
Photo by @thebaghag

Another Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 bag is a medium-sized half-moon shoulder bag. It’s another great option if you don’t carry many items while going out. It also resembles a waist bag.

Its unique shape makes this Hermes bag a fashion statement. This bag is made of fine Gold and Cuivre leather and comes in various beautiful colors, such as brown and mustard.

Other 2023 Hermes Collections

Aside from the 5 Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 bags we have discussed, there are other collections, such as the gold Mini Kelly. According to various sources, this will be one of the most highly-sought bags in 2023. With an overall gold color, this bag has an elegant and luxurious look altogether.

Besides the gold Mini Kelly, the Kelly Cut series will also get a new look, making it more modern and edgy. Kelly Sellier is also getting an upgrade from Hermes, which brings out its sweeter side. Have you had your eye on a specific Hermes Spring-Summer 2023 collection?

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