Are you planning to get a Cartier watch? First, you need to know the characteristics of an original Cartier before buying one. Cartier is one of the biggest luxury watch brands in the world. Its historical value, impeccable design, and high-quality materials make its high price reasonable.

Unfortunately, many people benefit from selling fake Cartier watches at high prices. To ensure you don’t get tricked into buying an inauthentic item, you must learn how to spot a fake Cartier watch.

Some characteristics you can check for are the serial number, writing on the dial, Cartier’s trademark gem, and many more. Read on to find out how to spot a fake Cartier watch.

Characteristics of an Original Cartier Watch

1. Check the Watch’s Serial Number

Every original Cartier watch has a serial number. So check for the serial number wherever you get a Cartier watch, whether it’s from a secondhand dealer or a luxury watch retailer. It’s important to note that some serial numbers are printed on the back of the watch, and some aren’t.

All authentic Cartier watches come with a certificate and a serial number. Adjust the serial number on the back of your watch with the one on the certificate to confirm the authenticity of the Cartier watch.

2. Comes with a Screw

Ciri Jam Tangan Cartier Original

One of the characteristics of an original Cartier watch is having a screw at the back part. The front and back of an authentic Cartier watch’s case are attached with a flat screw.

If your Cartier watch does not have such a screw, it is a fake. Likewise, if it’s shaped like a plus sign, it is also a fake.

3. Scratch-Resistant Glass

Luxury watches are made with the best materials which can withstand extreme conditions. One of them is scratch-resistant glass, which Cartier uses in their watches. Authentic Cartier watches have scratch-resistant glass.

If you are getting a Cartier watch, check if the glass has any scratches. If you can find some scratches, you are certainly holding a fake.

4. Check the Writing on the Dial

Ciri Jam Tangan Cartier Original

With its high price, Cartier delivers its best in every part of its watch, including the writing on the dial. The design will be meticulous and well-proportioned.

Check the writing on the dial for odd sizing, spacing, and more. Make sure all the text is legible with proper spacing and placement.

5. Check the Gem

Another characteristic of authentic Cartier watches is the gem on the crown called the cabochon. This gem is precisely installed to set the time on the watch.

If the gem on your Cartier watch is misplaced or loose, you must question its authenticity. Make sure you don’t spend your money on a fake item!

6. Feel the Watch’s Weight

Ciri Jam Tangan Cartier Original

A watch’s weight, including Cartier’s watches, can tell you a lot about its originality. A Cartier watch will not weigh too heavily or too lightly with high-quality materials.

Try the Cartier watch around your wrist and feel the weight. If it feels off, you might be holding a fake.

7. Glows in the Dark

Original Cartier watches glow in the dark. This technology is typically found in luxury watches and is helpful to help you tell time during activities at night.

Cartier watches have this feature due to a LumiNova layer in their collections. Some fake watches may use lower technology to make them glow, but the glow will be duller and weaker.

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Those characteristics can be your guide when checking for the originality of a Cartier watch at a secondhand store or luxury watch distributor. However, as many people create fake watches for their benefit, don’t find yourself conned into buying one!

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