December is the best time for sharing gifts. If you’re considering gifting a fashion item like a Hermès bag, knowing which bags are most suitable as Christmas presents is essential. 

Luxehouze is pleased to recommend the finest Hermès bags that make excellent Christmas gift ideas. Explore the insights shared by Luxehouze’s Client Advisors in this article!

3 Hermès Bag Recommendations for Christmas Gift Ideas

Every Hermès bag has its unique characteristics and advantages. Among many options available, several bags are highly recommended as gifts. Here is the list:

1. Hermès Birkin 25 Gold Epsom

Fashion enthusiasts widely seek after the allure of gold accessories. Gold is considered a neutral color, making it suitable for gifting to individuals of all ages. 

This quality positions the Hermès Birkin 25 Gold Epsom as an ideal present for beloved friends or family members. Its neutral hue makes it a thoughtful gift even for older family members, such as parents or grandparents.

Luxehouze’s Client Advisor highlights, “Due to its neutral color, not overly flashy, it can be worn by both the young and the mature user.”

hermes gift ideas

Moreover, this bag is categorized as a handheld bag. Coincidentally, many women from the older generation have a preference for handheld bags. 

For those interested in acquiring the Hermès Birkin 25 Gold Epsom as a gift, it is available at Luxehouze with prices starting from IDR 344,000,000. 

2. Hermès Kelly 25 Togo Gris Pale

Other than gold, white is also often considered a neutral color. Specifically, the Hermès Kelly 25 Togo Gris Pale boasts a beautiful and elegant bone-white shade, making it suitable for casual and formal occasions. 

This bag is unique, as not many seek the bone-white color in Hermès bags. The majority gravitate towards Hermès bags with Epsom leather and dominant gold tones. 

Therefore, the Kelly 25 Togo Gris Pale is worth considering if you want to present an uncommon gift that is distinct from others.

hermes gift ideas

Furthermore, Luxehouze’s Client Advisor says the bag’s excellence extends to its material. The use of Togo leather gives the exterior a supple feel, unlike the stiffness often associated with Epsom leather. This characteristic facilitates quick and easy access when inserting or retrieving items. 

“For individuals who love to travel but still want to appear fashionable, Togo Gris Pale is a practical choice due to its ease of use,” they explain.

Moreover, the purchase of this unique bag typically includes a long strap. Thus, besides being a handheld bag, it can also be worn as a sling or crossbody bag. This distinctive bag is now available at Luxehouze, starting at IDR 295,000,000.

3. Hermès Birkin 25 Cargo Nata

Compared to the two previous recommendations, this particular bag stands out as the rarest and is available in limited quantities. Its appearance is also distinctive, diverging from the typical conventional bag design. 

On the exterior, there is a small pocket that can serve as additional storage space, along with a compartment for holding credit cards. 

The design of the Hermès Birkin 25 Cargo Nata is inspired by cargo or courier package delivery bags, which is evident in the inclusion of the term ‘Cargo’ in its name.

hermes gift ideas

“Initially, this bag was created in larger sizes, such as the Birkin 40 and 50, drawing inspiration from courier bags. This one is crafted in its smaller version,” explains Luxehouze’s Client Advisor. 

With its smaller dimensions, this Hermès bag has a more feminine appearance, making it a thoughtful Christmas gift idea.

Despite being a rare product, the Hermès Birkin 25 Cargo Nata is available at Luxehouze, with prices starting from IDR 572,000,000.

These are a few Hermès product recommendations that can serve as inspiration for gift ideas. Acquire the mentioned bags through Luxehouze and present the finest gifts to your loved ones! 

All Hermès bags available at Luxehouze are guaranteed 100% authentic and can be obtained at the best prices. 

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