Did you know that caring for watches is not as easy as it seems? Some watch needs special care, which is usually due to its material. One of them is the stainless steel watch. Stainless steel watches are one of the most popular types of watches due to its luxurious, elegant, and timeless look. However, it requires commitment to care for stainless steel watches, keep it shiny, and avoid it being dull.

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If you are a fan of stainless steel watches, you need to know how to care for it properly. Don’t worry, we got your back! Here’s how to care for stainless steel watches so it will always look like new!

5 Ways to Care for Stainless Steel Watches

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Stainless steel watches may look dull over time, as they are not resistant to rust caused by exposure to liquids such as sweat, pool water, and sea water. Moreover, the spaces between each part of the strap can store lots of dust and dirt, which worsen the rust. How do you tackle this? Here are 5 tips you should follow to care for your stainless steel watch.

1. Clean your watch regularly

To keep your stainless steel watch durable and shiny, you need to clean it regularly, even if you don’t use it that often. If you use your watch more often, you need to clean it accordingly to get rid of the sweat and dirt. Pay attention to how you wash it.

Mix warm water and dish soap in a clean container, then brush every part of the watch, including in between the strap. Use a clean toothbrush. Make sure all traces of sweat, lotion, and oil on its surface and concealed parts are removed.

If your watch is not water resistant, make sure the dial doesn’t come in contact with water.

2. Wipe your watch before storage

To care for your stainless steel watch, do not store it while dirty. Stains that are left on stainless steel can make your watch look dull or even break easily.

So, before storing it back, clean the whole surface using a soft microfiber cloth. Why microfiber? Not only is it soft enough and won’t scratch the surface, but microfiber cloths also have a high absorption capability, allowing it to absorb the dirt from your watch’s surface.

3. Keep your watch in a dry place

Upon washing your stainless steel watch, make sure you store it in a dry place. A humid place will make your stainless steel dull easily, and even mess with the engine over time.

Keep your watch in a box. You may use the box that comes with it when you buy it, or a special box with velvet inner lining. Put some silica gel in the box to reduce the humidity and keep the box dry.

4. Keep your watch away from perfume, lotion, and similar products

As discussed, chemical components in perfumes, lotions, and other skincare products can damage stainless steel watch. Once exposed, your watch may change color and be more yellowish and duller as a result of the chemical components on the stainless steel.

Avoid using perfume when you have a watch on your wrist. When using skincare products, give time for them to absorb well into the skin before putting on your stainless steel watch.

5. Polish your watch regularly

Over time, stainless steel will look duller and less shiny. To keep the shine, polish your watch with a special liquid and stain remover that are safe for stainless steel.

Spray some liquid on the watch’s surface and wipe gently with a microfiber cloth. Repeat until the whole surface is wiped and shiny, starting with the case, back, and strap. To reach the inner parts of the strap, use a clean toothbrush to spread the liquid. Don’t forget to dry your watch afterwards.

Stainless Steel Watch Recommendations

After getting to know how to care for stainless steel watches, are you more confident to expand your watch collection? Here are recommended stainless steel watches for your next purchase!

1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is one of the most popular stainless steel luxury watch lines in the world. What makes the Royal Oak so iconic is its octagonal bezel with 8 hexagonal screws. Its bold yet elegant and timeless design makes the Royal Oak a must-have in your collection. Discover the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series here!

2. Omega Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster

If you’re on the hunt for luxurious chronograph stainless steel watches to turn all eyes on you, you need the Omega Speedmaster. Thanks to its chronograph feature, the watch dial looks more intricate with three subdials and two extra buttons on the crown. This non-minimalistic design makes the Omega Speedmaster so iconic; you can’t miss having this in your personal collection. Find out the Omega Speedmaster range here!

3. Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe Nautilus is one of the most wanted stainless steel luxury watch lines. What makes this series so popular? One of the reasons is its soft and beautiful design. Moreover, some series from Patek Philippe Nautilus is highly sought by world collectors because they are no longer being produced. This makes the Nautilus line so famous. Don’t miss it, find various timepieces from the Patek Philippe Nautilus series here!

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