In a world where luxury timepieces and exquisite fashion accessories reign supreme, reliable and aesthetically pleasing protection becomes paramount. Founded in 2019 by a talented jeweler, Legacy Diamond Shield swiftly emerged as a prestigious brand in watch protection shields.

As meticulously crafted masterpieces, Hermes bags deserve nothing less than the utmost care and protection. Recognizing Hermes bags’ intrinsic value and allure, Legacy Diamond Shield emphasizes adding a layer of safeguarding to these treasured possessions.

If you are searching for the perfect protective shield to provide an extra layer of defense for your prized Hermes collection, look no further. Legacy Diamond Shield is now available, and you can get it through us.

Legacy Diamond Shield, Your Unrivaled Luxury Protection

In a world where even the slightest scratch can cause immense disappointment, Legacy Diamond Shield emerges as the ultimate solution to preserve the immaculate beauty of your prized possessions. Their protective film is an invisible shield layer over your collection’s finish.

Legacy Diamond Shield distinguishes itself from the competition with several remarkable features that make it the go-to option for maintaining the integrity of your prized things.

1. Real skin

With its excellent Real Skin feature, the Legacy Diamond Shield elevates material choices to new heights. This protective film is precisely created to suit the particular finish of your product, with a blend of matte and gloss finishes.

The Real Skin not only improves aesthetics but also enables smooth integration with your Legacy, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing outcome.

2. Real fit

Legacy Diamond Shield’s Real Fit technology goes above and beyond regarding fit. This revolutionary feature guarantees that the protective film follows the curves of your goods and brand, leaving no gaps or exposed areas.

The exact computer-cut design and great attention to detail provide a snug and flawless fit, giving total protection for your Legacy.

3. Real seamless

Legacy Diamond Shield’s Real Seamless feature demonstrates its commitment to quality. The 3D Design Etching process in creating this protective film results in smooth and clear edges.

This not only adds a touch of elegance to your Legacy, but it also allows for better light penetration, allowing the film to merge smoothly with the surface of your bag. The nearly invisible look guarantees the protective layer stays unobtrusive while offering excellent protection.

4. Real finish

When it comes to the finishing touch, Legacy Diamond Shield makes no compromises. This protective film comes with a sealant pro and a rinseless clean, fast glazing, and faultless finish thanks to its Real Finish function.

The thorough installation ensures flawless detail, resulting in your Legacy’s clean, showroom-worthy look. The Real Finish feature improves the overall appearance of your goods while delivering unrivaled weather protection.

What Parts of Your Hermes Bag Does the Shield Cover?

From the delicate leather exterior to the intricate hardware and even the most intricate details, Legacy Diamond Shield is meticulously engineered to safeguard every part of your Hermes bag.

Let’s delve deeper into the specific areas that the shield covers, guaranteeing unrivaled protection for your valuable accessory.

1. Pontet

The Pontet, a key component of the Hermes Constance and Birkin bags, secures the bag’s structure while providing beauty. Legacy Diamond Shield extends its outstanding protection to the Pontet, protecting it from scratches, scuffs, and other potential damage.

With Legacy Diamond Shield, your Pontet will remain in exquisite condition, enabling your Hermes bag to emanate eternal elegance.

2. Tab closure

The Hermes Constance bag’s tab closure is both useful and attractive. Legacy Diamond Shield covers this region, protecting it from regular wear and strain.

With the protective film in place, your tab closure will retain its immaculate appearance, enabling you to appreciate the beauty of your Hermes Constance bag without worrying about ugly flaws.

3. Padlock

The padlock is a defining component of Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags, lending a distinguishing touch to these legendary items. Legacy Diamond Shield goes above and above to safeguard this important component, guaranteeing that the padlock is free of scratches, dents, and other potential damage.

With Legacy Diamond Shield, your padlock will preserve its immaculate attractiveness, reflecting the ageless refinement of your Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag.

4. Plaque

The plaque on Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags represents luxury and artistry. Legacy Diamond Shield understands the importance of maintaining this beautiful detail and hence offers extensive covering for the plaque.

By adding the protective film to the plaque, Legacy Diamond Shield guarantees that it remains flawless, allowing your Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag to exude elegance and grandeur.

5. Clous

Legacy Diamond Shield’s rigorous protection includes the Clous, or studs, on some Hermes bag styles. Recognizing the importance of these ornamental components, Legacy Diamond Shield expands its coverage to protect the Clous from any potential harm.

The Clous will retain its perfect appearance with the protective film, ensuring that your Hermes bag has magnificent charm from every viewpoint. You can rely on Legacy Diamond Shield to safeguard even the slightest elements of your prized Hermes purse.

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