Among luxury watch enthusiasts, Rolex stands out as one of the most beloved brands. On June 8-9, 2024, Luxehouze brought together Rolex fans at The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering. 

This event took place at the Luxehouze Boutique in Jakarta, specifically at Prosperity Tower unit 8AF, SCBD, South Jakarta. 

One of the highlights was the Watch Talks, a session where Rolex enthusiasts could gain insights from Luxehouze experts. Curious about the insights shared during this session? Continue reading for an in-depth look.

The Surge in Rolex’s Popularity

The luxury watch industry is brimming with collections from various watchmakers, yet Rolex remains one of the most sought-after brands. 

During the Watch Talks session, David Santoso, an Expert Client Advisor at Luxehouze, explained the factors behind Rolex’s rising popularity. Although Rolex has been around for centuries, its name has become more widely recognized in recent years, especially among new collectors.

“It all began when Rolex held an auction in America in 2017 for John Mayer’s Daytona. That event made people realize the enduring value of Rolex watches,” David explained. 

In 2017, musician John Mayer decided to auction his Rolex Daytona collection, which included classic Daytona models with rare dials and hard-to-find vintage variants.

Thanks to John Mayer’s fame, the auction attracted significant attention from watch collectors, and the musician reaped substantial profits from it. 

According to David, this was one of the main reasons behind Rolex’s soaring popularity. However, there’s more to it. Another reason collectors favor Rolex is its reputation as a trendy brand.

“Rolex is a trendsetter. You could say Rolex is always upgrading its materials and quality,” David added.

Considerations When Wearing Rolex for Sports

Despite the high quality of all Rolex watches, not all models are suited for intense physical activities. This is something many people might not know. Most collectors assume that all Rolex watches are built robustly and can be worn for various sports activities.

Rolex has indeed released watches specifically designed for demanding sports, such as the diver watches in the Submariner and Sea-Dweller collections. However, apart from these models, Rolex watches are not recommended for certain sports like golf, tennis, or basketball.

“Movements that involve heavy impacts can damage Rolex mechanisms,” David noted. “There are many types of movements. For the more complex mechanisms, we don’t recommend them for sports activities.”

Therefore, if you want to wear a watch for sports, it’s best to choose a Rolex that’s specifically designed for such use.

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Silent Auction at The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering

The Watch Talks were not the only highlight of The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering. There were also various other exciting activities, including a silent auction for the Black Bay 41 M79540-0004 Blue from Tudor, Rolex’s sister company.

This particular watch is renowned for its retro-modern style, powered by the Caliber 2824 movement with water resistance up to 150 meters. 

As this timepiece is manufactured by the same company as Rolex, it boasts a Super-LumiNova coating on the indices and hands, ensuring the numbers remain easily readable even in the dark.

The silent auction concluded on the second day, with the Tudor Black Bay 41 M79540-0004 Blue selling for IDR 28,000,000. 

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Other Interesting Activities at The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering

Throughout The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering, numerous Rolex watch collections were on display in the boutique’s showcases. Select watches were also available at special prices.

Visitors could also learn how to distinguish genuine Rolex watches from counterfeits by examining them side-by-side. Those who made purchases during the event had the chance to receive up to 30% off on watch accessories.

Additionally, there was a Lucky Draw, where fortunate winners received prizes from Luxehouze’s partners.

Thank you to all the guests who attended The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering. We also extend our gratitude to the partners who supported this event: BMW Bestindo, Fashion Forth, The Brassey, IQOS, Billstone, Vendome, The Gaia Hotel Bandung, Dermaster, and Johnnie Walker Indonesia.

Although the offline event at the Jakarta boutique has concluded, The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering will continue at the Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya on June 22-23, 2024. If you’re a Luxehouzers in Surabaya, RSVP here now!

Moreover, The Rolexperience promotions are still available for online transactions on the Luxehouze website from June 1-30, 2024. Don’t miss out on your chance to find the perfect Rolex before the promotion period ends!