Most Asians observe numerous customs during the Lunar New Year, and one prevalent tradition involves sending gifts to loved ones. If you’re considering giving a luxury watch as a Lunar New Year gift, you must be aware of specific considerations.

In Asian cultures, the choice of a gift carries symbolic significance. Some items are traditionally avoided as gifts during the Lunar New Year. Therefore, is it appropriate to give watches as Lunar New Year gifts? Let’s delve into the topic.

Can You Give Watches as Gifts During the Lunar New Year?

Presenting a clock as a gift during the Lunar New Year can sometimes be considered taboo. However, it’s important to note that this taboo typically applies to house clocks, not wristwatches.

The origin of this tradition lies in the Chinese characters for clocks, which are pronounced as “sòng zhōng” and rhyme with the word for “the end”, symbolizing bad luck. Consequently, it’s generally advised against giving clocks as gifts.

However, gifting wristwatches is considered perfectly acceptable, as the Chinese characters are different from those for traditional clocks. Additionally, many Asians celebrating the Lunar New Year embrace modern perspectives and may not be overly concerned about conventional taboos. 

For them, the act of expressing feelings through the gift of luxury watches during the Lunar New Year is more important than strictly adhering to old customs.

lunar new year gift

Dos and Don’ts of Lunar New Year Gift-Giving

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Asians follow distinct traditions, and these traditions hold when it comes to presenting gifts during the Lunar New Year. To ensure a thoughtful gesture, consider the following dos and don’ts.

1. Choose the right color

Color symbolism holds significant importance in Chinese culture. Some colors are associated with bad luck and are considered impolite, while others symbolize prosperity and good fortune. 

When giving gifts, it’s essential to be mindful of the colors you choose for gift wraps or watches. For instance, it’s advisable to steer clear of black and white, as these colors are commonly associated with funerals. 

Specifically for the Lunar New Year, selecting red is preferable, as it symbolizes good fortune. Alternatively, yellow, traditionally reserved for the emperor, or gold, representing wealth, are also suitable choices. 

Be cautious about color selections to ensure your gift is culturally thoughtful and well-received.

2. Avoid unlucky numbers

In addition to color, numbers hold significance in Asian culture. Specific numbers, such as the number 4, are deemed unfavorable, as they sound similar to the Chinese characters for ‘death.’ It’s advisable to steer clear of presents containing the number 4.

Opting for numbers considered lucky in Asian culture is a thoughtful choice. Numbers 6, 8, and 9 are particularly well-received, symbolizing luck and politeness. 

When selecting gifts, keeping these cultural considerations in mind enhances the positive impact of your gesture.

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3. Start presenting the gifts with the oldest person

In Asian culture, age and seniority hold significant importance, emphasizing respecting the elders within the family. When presenting gifts during the Lunar New Year, it’s a thoughtful practice to prioritize giving the gift to the oldest family member first.

When dealing with larger groups or the entire family, it’s customary to begin the gift-giving process by presenting a gift to the oldest or most senior member. 

This tradition underlines the cultural emphasis on respecting and honoring the senior members of the family unit.

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