With its long and fascinating history, watches have become a highly sought-after accessory to collect. Watches aren’t merely a device to tell time; they also feature numerous other functions such as chronographs, tachymeters, moon phases, and more. Thus, watches have their own intriguing value.

Moreover, there are various unique designs from different watch brands, such as skeleton watches with transparent dials which allow the users to view the complexity of the watch movement at work. This adds an aesthetic value for collectors. Not only that, watch collectors are also into mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are artistically valuable as their power source is not battery or electric current, but movement.

Interested in collecting them? Here is how to start a watch collection!

How to Start a Watch Collection

1. Plan Your Budget Thoroughly

The first thing to consider when you’re starting a watch collection is a thorough budget preparation. It’s undeniable that watches are not exactly a primary need, so make sure you allocate the right amount without neglecting your other priorities.

2. Start with a Well-Known Brand

Koleksi Jam Tangan

After considering the budget, the next step is choosing the right brand for the items in your watch collection. We recommend you start with a well-known brand as you can be sure of its quality and market value. Then you can continue with more niche watchmakers once you have more knowledge about horology.

Credible watch brands have a clear origin and use high quality materials, resulting in a unique and signature watch.

3. Do Proper Research on the Brand

After deciding on the watch brand that you’re after, do more research about its highly sought-after models from that brand. You can start with its most popular watch collection.

Find out what’s unique about each model from each brand. Then, adjust it to your budget, preference, and personal style.

4. Choose Exclusive or Collaboration Models

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Another tip is to pick a watch from an exclusive collection or collaboration line. This makes your watch more exclusive as it is limited edition. The more limited a product is, the higher its value in the market.

5. Build Relations with Fellow Collectors

Building relations with other watch collectors can be beneficial. You can be prioritized when a new watch collection is launched, so you don’t have to wait too long to get it.

Moreover, many watches are no longer in production. If you’re still longing to have one of them, you can get it from other collectors. Thus, don’t underestimate the power of networking in the watch industry.

6. Pay Extra Attention when Buying or Selling Watches

Koleksi Jam Tangan

The next important step to know before starting a watch collection is to pay extra attention when you want to buy or sell a watch, especially if you are planning to buy second hand watches.

Look out for its quality, and check for scratches or other damages. Check the market price for the watch. Watches that are sold at a price that differs too much from their market price are certainly questionable.

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Make sure to take note of the tips above before starting a watch collection. Set a clear budgeting in mind and choose a watch that fits your budget. You can complete your collection over time. Don’t forget that some watch models are limited and exclusive, and thus have a higher selling price.

Also, be aware of the market condition and price before buying a watch. Build relations with other watch collectors to never miss out on the latest watch information. That way, you can easily buy and sell watches, as well as find the best new watch collections easily.

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