If you want your watch to last, regular maintenance is essential. It’s crucial to pay attention to every part, especially the dial and bezel. Do you know how to clean your luxury watch dial and bezel, especially if they are steel-made? 

When not cleaned consistently, the dial and bezel are particularly prone to accumulating dirt and grime. The bezel, in particular, faces increased exposure to sun and sweat during warmer seasons, leading to a sticky residue. 

Therefore, creating a routine cleaning schedule for these components is essential to preserve their condition. The guide below can help you understand how to clean your watches, specifically those made of stainless steel, gold, carbon, ceramic, and titanium materials.

How to Clean A Luxury Watch Dial

A watch dial serves as the face of the timepiece, prominently displaying the time. Positioned at the center, it is often the focal point for our initial impressions of a watch.

Due to its central role, any dirt or scratches on the watch dial are immediately noticeable. A grimy dial detracts from the overall aesthetics and can hinder the ease of reading the time, impacting both appearance and functionality. 

To ensure your watch dial remains in impeccable condition, here’s a guide on how to clean the dial of a luxury timepiece.

how to clean luxury watch dial and bezel

1. Remove watch hands

Simplify the cleaning process by removing the hands first. This facilitates easier cleaning and helps prevent unintentional damage to the hands. 

Removing the hands is a straightforward task once the watch is opened, but remember to handle this step carefully. Always maintain a gentle touch during the process.

2. Use a blower and toothpick

For cleaning the dial, use a blower, a sharpened piece of pegwood, or a toothpick to eliminate dust and any glass fragments on the surface. Follow up with a cotton bud or a similar tool to remove any remaining residue.

Throughout this process, remember to be gentle. Despite the soft nature of a cotton bud, mishandling it can still pose a risk. Ensure a delicate touch to prevent any unintended damage.

3. Use a very mild detergent

The cleaning process typically concludes after step two; however, step three is recommended for dials that are exceptionally dirty.

If the dial is heavily soiled, removing it and employing a soft dial brush for cleaning is advisable. A very mild detergent and a soft brush can be used if this proves insufficient. 

Promptly dry the dial, as any prolonged exposure to liquid may result in damage. Exercise extreme caution when applying any liquid to a painted dial. While this method may not eliminate spots, it removes dirt and yellowing effectively. 

For genuine baked-on enamel dials, such as those found on old pocket watches, soaking them in detergent with an ultrasonic cleaner can yield impressive results. 

However, caution is necessary to avoid prolonged soaking, particularly in powerful machines. Significantly delicate dials should not be subjected to powerful ultrasonic machines.

How to Clean A Luxury Watch Bezel

how to clean luxury watch dial and bezel

Cleaning a watch bezel is a simpler process compared to cleaning the dial. Unlike dial cleaning, there’s no need to open your watch. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to go about it. 

1. Use dish soap

No additional tools are required for bezel cleaning; a spare toothbrush will suffice. Apply a small amount of dish soap to the toothbrush, run it under warm water, and commence scrubbing along the bezel’s outer edge. 

After completing an entire circle, rotate the bezel at least 90 degrees to allow some soapy water to reach underneath it.

2. Scrub every gap around the crystal

Certain watches incorporate crystals as an additional design element for their bezels. To clean such bezels, focus on scrubbing every gap between the crystals. 

Repeat this process multiple times, scrubbing the upper gaps around the crystal edges and the lower gaps around the bezel’s circumference. 

Continuously turn and rinse the bezel during this process. Continue for 30-60 seconds or until you sense that the bezel is less sticky and begins to turn smoothly.

3. Rinse the bezel

Once all the steps are completed, proceed to rinse the bezel thoroughly. Continue rinsing for 20-30 seconds while consistently turning the bezel. The goal is to remove any soap residue, which can become sticky when it dries.

After a thorough rinse, dry the watch with a clean paper towel. Gently pat the watch dry and firmly press the paper towel against the gaps on the sides and top of the bezel to absorb any remaining water.

What Not to Do While Cleaning Watch Dials and Bezel

Never clean your watches with the force of steam machines, regardless of your watch’s condition. The steam poses a higher risk of penetrating the seals, leading to potential damage. 

The only safe method for steam cleaning is when a watchmaker has removed the movement and disassembled the case.

Instead, opt for a more cautious approach. Utilize a reliable toothbrush to clean your watch’s bezel, including any diamonds it may feature. 

Prioritize checking the watch’s water resistance before using a wet brush on the watch head. Conclude the process by drying it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Your watch will thank you for the gentle care.

When Should You Consult Experts for Watch Cleaning? 

Whether or not you need to ask experts to help clean your watch depends on various factors. If your watch requires specialized care, has intricate features, or is of high value, consulting experts may be advisable to ensure proper cleaning without risking damage. 

On the other hand, if you have a basic understanding of watch maintenance and your timepiece is straightforward, you can clean it yourself with proper guidance. 

Assess the complexity of your watch and your comfort level with the cleaning process before deciding whether to seek expert assistance.

Ensuring your watch retains its value over the years requires proper maintenance. It’s essential to grasp the techniques for cleaning a luxury watch dial and bezel.

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