A watch doesn’t only tell time. It also offers various other features, including a date window. Watch owners might be familiar with the right ways to set the hour and minute hands of a watch, but how about the right ways to set the date?

It’s important to learn how to set the date on a watch without affecting other functions, especially if your watch also has multiple features and complications. Here are some tips on how to set the date on a watch!

How to Set the Date on a Digital Watch

How you set the date greatly depends on the type of watch you have. On a digital watch, there are buttons that can be used to set the minute, hour, day, and date.

Digital watches commonly come with four buttons. To change the time or date, you can press the mode button three times. Once the digits on the watch blink, you can start setting the time.

Use the top right and bottom right buttons to set the time and date correctly. Once you are satisfied with the minute, hour, and date, press the mode button again to allow your watch to resume running.

How to Set the Date on an Analog Watch

1. Adjust the Crown to Several Positions 

The first step to set the date on an analog watch is pulling the crown. The crown can commonly be pulled twice for watches that only show the date, or three times for watches that show both the date and day.

To change the date on a watch, pull once as the second pull is usually used to change the day, while the third is usually for the minute and hour.

2. Rotate the Crown Clockwise 

After pulling the crown once, rotate it clockwise until the correct date is shown. Rotating counter-clockwise is not advised as it might hinder the movement of the watch gears.

After reaching the correct date, return the crown to its initial position by pressing it. Your watch will resume running.

Bonus Tip on Setting the Date on Analog Watches

After learning the steps to set the date on analog watches, you also need to remember this special tip. Analog watches have 12 digits, which may be confusing to distinguish day and nighttimes. One thing you should remember: never set the date between 9 PM and 3 AM.

Outside that time window, set the date as yesterday’s date, and set the hour and minute hands on 12. If the date changes, then the time shown by your watch is 12.00 AM, but if it doesn’t, it’s 12.00 PM. That way, you can easily adjust the date on your analog watch.

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Those are the steps and tips on setting the date on a digital and analog watch. Be sure to adjust with care, especially when setting analog watches as you need to pull and press the crown.

Follow the steps or guidelines written on the manual that usually comes along with the watch box. You can also read more information from the watch brand’s official website.

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