Made from the best materials, Hermes’ bag collection offers both quality and exclusivity, making its fantastic price accountable. Unfortunately, there are many fake Hermes bags sold at a much cheaper price on the market. Before you buy a Hermes bag, make sure you know how to differentiate a real vs. fake Hermes bag.

To the naked eye, a fake Hermes bag may seem similar to an authentic one. Make sure you don’t spend up to hundreds of millions for a fake! Before buying, you can check for some aspects such as the sewing, leather scent, and more. Here are the steps you can take to spot a fake Hermes bag!

How to Tell if a Hermes Bag is Real or Fake

1.Smells Like Authentic Leather

You can tell a fake Hermes bag from an authentic one by smelling the bag’s scent. Authentic Hermes bags are made of high quality animal leather, giving them a significant scent.

If you don’t smell authentic leather from the Hermes bag you are about to purchase, it is most likely fake, especially if you can spot the scent of plastic or synthetic leather.

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2. Made from Quality Materials

One of the materials used by Hermes in creating their bag collection is animal leather of the best quality. Each Hermes bag will reflect its own luxury and quality.

This leather is what makes Hermes bags have such a high price, as authentic leather bags can stand the test of time throughout the years. The material also gives Hermes bags a stunning color.

3. Neat Sewing

The next step to spot a fake or real Hermes bag is by observing the sewing on the bag. Real Hermes bags have neat sewing of uniform patterns without any slanting or differences in size.

You can also count the number of sewings on an authentic Hermes bag. For example, Birkin 25 cm only has 2 double sewings near the handle and Birkin 30 cm has 3.

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4. Dust Bag and Box Quality

Aside from the Hermes bag itself, you should also observe the quality of the dust bag and box that comes with it to tell whether the product is real or fake. Hermes’ holographic logo on the box is visible under UV light. If you cannot spot the hologram under UV light, the Hermes bag is most likely fake.

Moreover, Hermes’ dust bag is also made with the best quality. The fabric feels soft, and the logo does not fade easily. Fake Hermes dust bags usually feels rougher, with a logo that is slightly different in color and fades easily.

5. Neat Logo

Another logo you should check besides the one on the Hermes bag box is the one on the bag itself, which says Hermes Paris Made in France. Authentic Hermes bags will have a slender and neat logo, while fake ones usually have a messier logo.

You also need to check the toggle. Toggles from authentic Hermes bags can be moved smoothly, while the ones from a fake bag will feel harsh and tend to get stuck because of the poor material used.

6. No Authenticity Card 

The next trick to spot a real vs. fake Hermes bag is by checking the authenticity card. If the Hermes bag you are about to buy has an authenticity card inside, it is definitely fake!

Hermes never gives out authenticity cards, while many fake sellers sell authenticity cards with Hermes’ name on it. Make sure you don’t get fooled.

7. High Selling Price

Hermes’ high selling price for their products is justifiable due to the materials used, creation process, and exclusivity of each product. Some of their collections are highly limited, so only very few people can gain access to them.

To tell between a real or fake Hermes bag, consider the offering price. If you are offered a much cheaper price than the official price, it is most likely fake. In fact, many Hermes bags’ prices rise every year.

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Those are some ways to spot a real vs. fake Hermes bag. Check for the details of the Hermes bag you are planning to buy, such as the material, logo, dust bag, box, and scent. Don’t get swayed by a lower price that differs too much from the official store.

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