Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, Hublot has etched its name in the annals of horology with a fusion of craftsmanship and innovation. While renowned for masculine designs, Hublot’s foray into women’s watches breaks stereotypes and captivates all genders.

Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” ethos highlights traditional craft with groundbreaking materials, from ceramic to sapphire. This alchemy yields not just watches, but veritable wrist-bound art. This diversity shines in Hublot’s women’s collections, elegantly blending femininity with the brand’s bold character.

If you’re on the hunt for Hublot women’s watches, keep reading to uncover the most sought-after selections.

Most Popular Hublot Watch Collections for Women

From the vivid Big Bang series to the understated Classic Fusion line, Hublot’s women’s watches celebrate individuality. 

Whether you’re in search of a feminine timepiece for yourself or seeking a special gift for a cherished woman in your life, explore our top recommendations among Hublot women’s watches:

1. Big Bang One Click 39 with Diamonds

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In Hublot’s world-renowned lineup, the Big Bang collection reigns supreme as a symbol of pioneering luxury. Owned by many as a cherished piece of horological heritage, the Big Bang is a must-have for any women’s watch enthusiast.

Powering this Big Bang One Click 39 with Diamonds is the HUB1710 movement, a caliber esteemed for its precision and automatic winding. Operating at 4Hz (28,800 alterations/hour) guarantees accuracy and a substantial 50-hour power reserve. 

Prominently displaying hours, minutes, and seconds through large central hands, the watch discreetly features a date window at 3 o’clock. Notably, the HUB1710 movement retains finesse despite its automatic winding system.

The watch exclusively employs medical-grade, non-oxidizing 316L steel—a fusion of iron, chrome, and nickel. This alloy offers corrosion resistance and mechanical robustness, enduring daily wear and tear.

2. Big Bang Steel White Diamonds 38 mm

Embrace the allure of timeless elegance with the Big Bang Steel White Diamonds 38mm, a masterpiece tailored to those with a special affinity for the charm of the color white. This watch resonates with female collectors, capturing hearts with its pristine aesthetics and refined craftsmanship.

The enchanting Big Bang Watch, boasting a 38mm white dial, pays homage to the irresistible appeal of the white color palette. It is a visual symphony of beauty that harmonizes effortlessly with the matching white structured rubber strap, creating a seamless embodiment of chic style.

The meticulously crafted polished and satin-finished stainless steel case offers a canvas for the centerpiece, the polished bezel adorned with a splendid array of 126 diamonds, amounting to a dazzling 0.87 carats.

Incorporating the HUB2900 Quartz movement, this timepiece marries precision with aesthetics. Water resistant up to 100 meters, it embraces durability without compromising its ethereal appearance.  

3. Classic Fusion 38 Black Dial Leather Strap

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In the world of timepieces, the Classic Fusion 38 Black Dial Leather Strap is a captivating paradox—boldly masculine yet inherently stylish for women with discerning tastes. 

Contrary to norms, this watch redefines leather straps as a chic choice, particularly favored by those seeking both fashion and sophistication.

Embodying a revamped Hublot design, the Classic Fusion collection pays homage to vintage aesthetics while maintaining a light and simple demeanor. 

The black sunray-finished dial exudes timeless charm, featuring exclusively hour markers and minimal text. The absence of luminescent elements lends to its elegant simplicity.

Beyond its unassuming facade, the Classic Fusion 38 Black Dial Leather Strap carries a significant legacy. Merging modern horological vision with affordability, it stands as an accessible piece of artistry in a market often dominated by luxury sports watches. 

4. Spirit Of Big Bang Beige Ceramic King Gold Diamonds 39 mm

Designed for those seeking feminine elegance and timeless design, the Spirit of Big Bang Ceramic King Gold Diamonds 39 mm is the quintessential Hublot women’s watch.

The polished beige ceramic case’s tonneau shape emanates understated opulence. The King Gold bezel, adorned with 50 diamonds totaling 1.0ct, strikes a perfect balance between luxury and craftsmanship.

The satin-finished beige sunray dial complements the white rubber and beige alligator strap, embodying contemporary elegance. The HUB1710 Self-Winding movement powers this watch and offers an approximately 50-hour power reserve.

5. Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski 

Crafted from white ceramic, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski’s design redefines elegance. Surprisingly feminine despite its size, it stands as a unique Hublot women’s watch.

This watch is a testament to the collaborative brilliance between Hublot and acclaimed French artist Richard Orlinski. 

Beneath the watch, the automatic calibre HUB1155 ticks, offering a 42-hour power reserve and a Hublot-signed oscillating weight. The watch harmoniously balances functionality with artistry while being water resistant up to 50 meters.

Hublot Watches in the Eyes of Collectors

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Luxury watch collectors often exhibit mixed sentiments towards Hublot, and this sentiment is rooted in several reasons. Besides personal preferences, Hublot’s strategic choices have sparked skepticism within watch communities, casting a shadow on their reputation.

The brand’s trajectory shifted in 2004 when marketing maven Jean-Claude Biver took the helm of Hublot’s brand management. He ushered in an era of “limited edition” releases associated with various events. 

This approach resonated with celebrities but drew criticism from enthusiasts who found it excessive, alongside reused designs and minimalism.

While Hublot has produced innovative watches, one should prioritize personal enjoyment over investment expectations. In watch collecting, opinions about Hublot differ, underscoring the power of individual taste.

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