A visit to a luxury watch boutique in person is typically made to give customers a direct experience of the product they wish to purchase. A warm and inviting store can significantly enhance the comfort of potential buyers as they explore the timepieces. 

This welcoming atmosphere is precisely what guests discovered during the soft opening of the Luxehouze Jakarta boutique.

On October 17, 2023, Luxehouze hosted a soft opening for their Jakarta boutique at Prosperity Tower unit 8AF in SCBD, South Jakarta. This event was specifically organized to extend an invitation to Luxehouze’s family and friends.

luxehouze jakarta

The soft opening marks a significant milestone for Luxehouze’s future endeavors. Luxehouze Boutique signifies more than just a shopping destination; it represents a profound commitment to elevating the customer experience. 

Sugito Alim, one of the Co-Founders of Luxehouze, shared these words during the beginning of the soft opening event.

“We’ve been waiting for a long time. This boutique is not just a place for shopping, but our commitment and passion so that we can become the one luxury marketplace in the world.”

The soft opening ceremony began with a traditional tumpeng breaking ceremony. Afterward, guests were invited to explore the Luxehouze Jakarta boutique.

luxehouze jakarta

A Tour of Luxehouze Jakarta Boutique

Just as what the attendees experienced during the soft opening event, the journey into the boutique starts at the entrance, where a receptionist welcomes guests. During the event, near the door, there was a designated photo spot for guests to capture this particular moment.

Moving past the entrance, guests can step into the main boutique area on the right side of the corridor.

luxehouze jakarta

This space is meticulously designed for a cozy and inviting feel. The room is adorned with sizable display shelves on both sides, showing off an impressive collection of luxury watches and leather products, like Hermès bags. 

A stylish bar area beckons guests to unwind and socialize on the opposite side. In time, this bar will also cater to future boutique visitors.

What truly elevates Luxehouze Jakarta boutique is the presence of expansive floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides of the room. These windows frame a captivating view of Jakarta’s modern cityscape with towering skyscrapers. This stunning view adds to the boutique’s overall sense of relaxation and comfort.

luxehouze jakarta

In the center of the room, guests can find inviting plush sofas, the ideal place for guests to relax and chat or for future customers wanting to try on a timepiece before making a purchase.

The Luxehouze Jakarta boutique welcomes customers who wish to personally experience timepieces before purchasing or simply exploring our collection. Our boutique also provides the opportunity for customers to seek advice from Luxehouze’s Client Advisors.

Rest assured, every item in Luxehouze Boutique is 100% authentic. Following this soft opening, customers are encouraged to continue visiting the boutique for their purchases.