Did you know that every year people around the world, especially watch enthusiasts, commemorate June 19 as National Watch Day?

Only a few people know the reason behind this celebration. However, the emergence of this anniversary must be connected to the history of clock development and its role in human civilization.

Today, watches are more often thought of as accessories. Even so, many people still consider this item a symbol of culture and taste, and that’s why they continue to honor National Watch Day until this day. 

History of National Watch Day

The original concept of wristwatch festivities has been long introduced as an unofficial anniversary years ago. However, Nordstrom officially created the day as a celebration in 2017 as a way to promote its watch line. 

This holiday is ideal for raising the profile of current wristwatches, as the need to wear a watch has lessened in recent years due to the rise of smartphones. 

Besides promotions, some collectors also utilize the moment to commemorate that watch innovation was an essential historical breakthrough, that before becoming extravagant things like these days, watches used to be the only timekeeping object. 

Why National Watch Day Is Important

Although initially used as a means of advertisement, this celebration actually also has other interests. Here are some reasons why we should celebrate National Watch Day. 

1. Pay respects to the past

During this holiday, many brands highlight the number of resources put into consummating the current watches most people wear and compare them with the watchmaking difficulties in the past. 

In the past, wristwatches were rare and difficult to find. While nowadays, people can access time easily from everywhere without having to own a watch. 

2. Honor watch industry players

On this day, we should also honor watch industry players, including watchmakers, retailers, and watch designers, who have been placing their entire being into watch production. 

Unlike other industries, watchmaking is not just a business production but the creative process of producing art pieces. 

3. Highlight industry trends

National Watch Day is the one day of the year when industry players can get a chance to be in the spotlight. Through this celebration, they can reveal new collections, introduce innovative technologies, or launch limited edition timepieces and be the trend.

How to Celebrate National Watch Day

Interested in joining the celebration? Here are a few things you can do to observe National Watch Day.

1. Send watches as gifts

A wristwatch is one of the most prominent gift options for special occasions. If any of your friends or family are watch collectors, consider gifting them a watch on this special day.

2. Visit watch exhibition 

If there are watch exhibitions near your area, visit them for a more celebratory feel. Check out interesting collections throughout watch industry history. 

3. Look for special offers 

Many brands and stores will give limited discounts to mark National Watch Day. Look out for those offers and get yourself a new watch at a special price.

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