When it comes to talking about watches, Patek Philippe stands as an icon within the Holy Trinity of Watches. People who love collecting watches always keep an eye out for Patek Philippe creations. One particularly captivating gem in their repertoire is the Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1200A White Diamonds.

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Unveiling Facts about the Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1200A

Did you know that the Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1200A White Diamonds is a relatively recent addition to the Nautilus collection? 

This elegant timepiece debuted in 2018, showcasing a contemporary touch to the iconic Nautilus design, initially crafted by the renowned Gerald Genta in 1976.

For seasoned collectors, the name Gerald Genta carries significant weight in watchmaking. Recognized as one of history’s most influential watch designers, Genta’s legacy is deeply embedded in the craft.

Since its release, the Nautilus 7118/1200A White Diamonds has swiftly earned its place as one of the most coveted Patek Philippe watches. The limited annual production and the distinctive diamond bezel contribute to its allure, elevating the watch’s elegance and exclusivity.

patek philippe nautilus 7118

Porthole-Style Design in the Case

Crafted from stainless steel, the watch case boasts an octagonal shape complemented by polished and brushed finishes—a design affectionately termed the Porthole style.

This iconic Porthole style, inspired by the elegance of luxury cruise ship portholes, is a hallmark feature of the Nautilus watches, providing a distinctive and timeless appearance.

Embracing maritime influences in design and terminology, the Nautilus watch is not just a timepiece but an ode to the nautical world. In addition, water resistance of up to 60 meters ensures durability beyond its sophisticated aesthetic.

With a generous case size of 35.2 mm, this watch appeals across gender lines, standing out among other Nautilus models with its larger frame (typical Nautilus watches feature a 33.6 mm case). 

At a mere 8.62 mm in thickness, it caters to those seeking a timepiece that effortlessly combines simplicity with elegance.

Opaline Silver Dial

The dial boasts a charming opaline silver finish, giving off a sparkling effect that catches the light, elevating the watch’s overall elegance and luxury.

Set within its Porthole style case, the dial showcases a stripe pattern reminiscent of ship windows and submarines.

patek philippe nautilus 7118

The dial is adorned with white gold hour markers and hands, their edges accented by black lacquer, enhancing readability. 

A thoughtful addition to functionality, the watch incorporates a date window at the 6 o’clock position seamlessly integrated into the dial.

Self-winding Movement

This watch boasts an Automatic Caliber 324 S C, a self-winding mechanism that eliminates manual winding. It relies on the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist to keep it ticking.

Operating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, or 4 Hz, this movement ensures exceptional accuracy.

With 29 rubies strategically placed to reduce friction, the Caliber 324 S C has a robust 21K gold winding rotor adorned with Patek Philippe’s signature Calatrava cross emblem.

Renowned worldwide, the Caliber 324 S C movement stands out as one of the most sought-after watch movements, finding its place in over 40 Patek Philippe timepieces.

patek philippe nautilus 7118

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