In addition to offering the finest luxury watches, Luxehouze also provides a service for reselling personal collections. Many users have already taken advantage of this facility, even receiving recommendations from celebrity Richard Kyle. 

Recently, Richard Kyle visited the Luxehouze boutique and shared insights on how to sell preloved luxury items at Luxehouze. Discover the full story in the following video!

3 Easy Steps to Sell Preloved Items at Luxehouze

It only takes three simple steps to sell your personal collection of luxury items at Luxehouze. As Richard Kyle explains in the above video, here are the steps:

1. Fill out the online form

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First, prospective sellers need to complete the online registration form. The form can be obtained by contacting the official WhatsApp at +6287776807475 for Luxehouze Indonesia or +6598625974 for Luxehouze Singapore. 

Ensure to provide all detailed information about the products. Within 48 hours, Luxehouze will respond and present offers for the registered products.

2. Product inspection

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Subsequently, the process proceeds to the product inspection stage. The inspection is conducted directly at the Luxehouze boutique with the assistance of experienced Client Advisors. 

The Client Advisor will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the overall condition of the products intended for sale. This stage is crucial to ensure product authenticity and agree upon the selling price. 

Luxehouze always guarantees that all sold products, including pre-owned items, are 100% authentic. Hence, sellers must ensure that the products they intend to sell are genuine.

3. Let Luxehouze do the rest

After the two stages above, Luxehouze will take care of the final step by listing the approved products on the Luxehouze marketplace while simultaneously marketing them to potential global buyers. 

When potential consumers express interest in purchasing products, Luxehouze will facilitate the transaction process and product delivery. 

As a seller, you need only await and receive payment for the sold items. Payments are assured to be received within three business days.

Various Selling Methods at Luxehouze

Much like Richard Kyle, you can also capitalize on the selling services available at Luxehouze to profit from your personal collection.

One of the advantages of selling preloved luxury goods at Luxehouze is the opportunity to select the most suitable selling method. Luxehouze provides three selling methods: consignment, direct selling, and trade-in.

In the consignment method, sellers can entrust their collections to Luxehouze for sale, with Luxehouze handling the marketing of the related products and assisting in finding interested buyers.

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On the other hand, direct selling involves sellers directly selling their collections to Luxehouze, which acts as the purchasing party. The benefit of this method is that sellers receive the sales proceeds immediately.

Lastly, the trade-in method is ideal if you want to sell your old collection while acquiring new pieces. Sales from the trade-in method are not in the form of cash but new products that can be chosen according to your preference.

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Eager to sell your collection at Luxehouze, much like Richard Kyle? Find comprehensive information regarding terms and conditions of sale in our Selling Guide.