In the watch industry, there’s a tendency to create smaller cases for women’s watches. This is because of the stereotype that women’s watches are inherently petite. 

However, some female collectors prefer larger cases. If this is your preference, you can explore Richard Mille women’s watches. Continue reading to discover the women’s watch collection by Richard Mille.

Beyond Stereotypes: Exploring Women’s Watch Preferences

In fashion, watches are more than mere timekeepers; they are expressive accessories reflecting personal style. Gender boundaries in watch selection are increasingly blurred, with both men and women collectors embracing diverse timepieces. 

Although luxury brands predominantly offer smaller dial watches for women, many women confidently opt for men’s timepieces and men can also prefer to wear small dial watches. 

This trend stems from the broader range of themes and designs prevalent in men’s collections compared to the relatively constrained options in women’s lines. 

Furthermore, considering long-term value, men’s watches typically retain higher worth, promoting easier resale or inheritance across generations.

Functionality also influences choice, as larger cases afford enhanced readability, a factor deemed essential by some female collectors. 

Thus, one’s gender should not prescribe one’s choice of timepiece, as there is abundant opportunity for women to delve into watches beyond those conventionally marketed to them.

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3 Must-Have Richard Mille Watches for Women

Renowned for its distinctive tonneau-shaped case design, Richard Mille offers timepieces that transcend gender distinctions, catering to both men and women. For those considering a Richard Mille timepiece, here are some recommended options for women.

1. RM07-01 RG Snow Set Black Lips

The RM07-01 RG Snow Set Black Lips displays sophistication with its slender profile and gem-adorned case. 

This exquisite timepiece boasts the elegant curves of its tonneau-shaped case, the smallest within its collection, complemented by a dial adorned with a center field of gemstones.

Crafted in rose gold, this watch features a striking black lips motif at its center, adding a touch of feminine allure with a versatile, neutral hue that effortlessly complements any ensemble.

Notably lightweight, the timepiece owes its featherlight feel to the innovative use of Carbon TPT materials, a hallmark of Richard Mille’s craftsmanship. These materials not only imbue the watch with a commanding presence but also ensure optimal protection for its movement.

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2. RM67-01 White Gold Medium Set Diamonds

The RM67-01 exemplifies Richard Mille’s expertise in crafting ultra-thin automatic timepieces with its sleek tonneau-shaped case. 

This model seamlessly blends the finesse of extra-flat watchmaking with the enduring appeal of classic automatic watches synonymous with the Richard Mille brand.

Featuring a skeletonized automatic-winding movement, the dial showcases hours, minutes, dates, and a function indicator, lending an aesthetic and artistic dimension to the timepiece. Notably, it boasts a power reserve of approximately 50 hours.

Despite its intricate appearance, the RM67-01 offers intuitive functionality. The function indicator simplifies operation, facilitating easy identification of winding, date-setting, and hand-setting positions as the crown is manipulated. 

A hand at 2 o’clock denotes the active function, transitioning between winding (W), date adjustment (D), and hand setting (H). A discreet date display is also positioned in a vertical aperture at 5 o’clock.

While initially tailored for men, the RM67-01 White Gold Medium Set Diamonds boasts a versatile design that appeals to women, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing options within the Richard Mille collection.

3. RM67-02 Sébastien Ogier

Richard Mille has cultivated a rich history of collaborations with notable figures, particularly in sports. Among these partnerships, the alliance with Sébastien Ogier, a distinguished French rally driver with eight World Rally Drivers’ Championship titles, stands out prominently.

Their collaboration has birthed the RM67-02 timepiece, housed within a 38.7 mm case. Crafted from a fusion of Quartz TPT and Carbon TPT materials and treated with a black DLC coating, this watch is meticulously hand-painted in the colors of the Richard Mille partner’s flag.

The dial reveals a skeletonized automatic winding movement, boasting a power reserve of up to 50 hours and adorned with motifs inspired by the world of racing and automobiles.

While commonly perceived as a timepiece geared towards men, the appeal of the RM67-02 Sébastien Ogier extends beyond gender boundaries, resonating with racing enthusiasts regardless of gender. 

Thus, it merits consideration as a recommendation for women seeking a dynamic watch from Richard Mille. Visit Luxehouze to acquire this exceptional timepiece, which is available starting from SGD 393,300.

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Embrace the versatility of large-dial watches to elevate your style, irrespective of gender norms. Break free from limitations imposed by traditional gender-specific timepieces.

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