Last week, the prestigious Watches and Wonders 2024 exhibition showcased the latest horological innovations from renowned watchmakers, among them Rolex. 

At this annual gathering, Rolex revealed its eagerly anticipated 2024 lineup alongside noteworthy updates to their current offerings.

In addition to introducing new models, Rolex made the significant announcement of discontinuing certain timepieces. This strategic move prompts an exploration into the rationale behind such decisions, which we’ll delve into in this piece.

Rolex Unveils Latest Additions at Watches and Wonders 2024

This year, Rolex debuts six new models across its latest timepiece range, encompassing the GMT-Master II, Day-Date, Perpetual 1908, Deepsea, Daytona, and Sky-Dweller. Below, you’ll find detailed insights into each of these additions.

1. Rolex Deepsea


The latest addition to the Deepsea lineup showcases a magnificent 18k yellow-gold construction. Its harmonious tonal dial and bezel are in a captivating blue hue. Complemented by a matching yellow-gold Oyster bracelet, its aesthetic coherence is undeniable.

One of the most impressive features of the new Rolex Deepsea is the blue ceramic compression ring. This seamlessly integrated component forms the formidable Ringlock system, ensuring the timepiece’s resilience under extreme pressure, enabling it to brave depths of up to 3,900 meters in the ocean’s abyss.

Adding to its functionality, an RLX titanium helium escape valve is discreetly positioned on the case’s side, fortifying the watch for deep-sea dives without compromising its waterproof integrity.

With a retail price of 49,900 CHF, or around SGD 74,675, this exquisite timepiece embodies both luxury and performance.

2. Rolex Perpetual 1908

rolex 2024 releases

Rolex introduces a new addition to its Perpetual 1908 collection, which debuted last year. This latest offering showcases a transparent “sand-grain” dial in a captivating sour-candy blue, seamlessly merging classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Originally conceived as a tribute to the year of the company’s founding, last year’s Perpetual 1908 offered conservative brown and black options. 

However, this year’s model features a notable upgrade: a platinum case and an intricately etched ice-blue dial, enhancing the watch’s elegance and refinement.

The in-house 7140 caliber, which provides 66 hours of continuous operation, is housed within the slim 39mm case and visible through its transparent caseback. 

Priced at 29,600 CHF (approximately SGD 44,304), the new Perpetual 1908 is complemented by a brown or black alligator strap lined with green calfskin, fastened with a platinum double folding Dualclasp.

3. Rolex GMT‑Master II


You can see the latest addition to one of Rolex’s most esteemed lines, the GMT-Master II. This groundbreaking release marks the debut of a black ceramic and gray Cerachrom insert for the bezel, a first for the model. 

The subdued bezel finds perfect harmony with a tonal black dial adorned with Chromalight-coated white gold indices; all encased within a sleek 40mm Oystersteel case. Adding a touch of sophistication, the GMT hand glows in a lush green hue.

Under the hood, the timepiece is powered by the 70-hour-power-reserve 3275 caliber, a COSC chronometer-certified movement that offers precise timekeeping alongside date and GMT functions. 

The new GMT-Master II is available with an Oyster or Jubilee metal bracelet, at prices starting from 9,771 CHF, approximately SGD 14,626.

4. Rolex Day-Date

Among Rolex’s 2024 releases, there’s another exciting addition, which is on the Day-Date line. Before its official debut at Watches and Wonders 2024, Rolex gave us a sneak peek during a special video at the Academy Awards. They showcased the Everose gold Day-Date 40 with a slate ombré dial, which felt familiar and fresh.

Expanding the lineup, Rolex unveiled three more variants. There’s a 40mm White Gold version with a mother-of-pearl dial, a 36mm Yellow Gold model featuring a clean white dial, and a 36mm Everose Gold edition adorned with diamonds and boasting a stunning blue-green dial.

The latest additions to the Day-Date collection are available at various price points, starting from 39,800 CHF, or approximately SGD 59,568.

5. Rolex Sky-Dweller

Rolex has unveiled two new Sky-Dweller watches at Watches and Wonders 2024, each featuring the brand’s signature fluted bezel. 

One model radiates sophistication in Everose gold with a slate dial, while the other exudes elegance in 18k yellow gold paired with an intense white dial.

The Sky-Dweller offers simultaneous readings for two time zones and includes the Saros annual calendar complication. With the Ring Command system, wearers can easily adjust and select functions. While the retail price for this piece is still unclear, stay tuned for future updates.

6. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The latest addition to Rolex’s 2024 releases comes from the Cosmograph Daytona line. Rolex has introduced four new iterations for this collection, with two models crafted in 18k white gold featuring monochrome mother-of-pearl dials and the other two variants presented in 18k Everose gold and 18k yellow gold.

These timepieces boast hour markers and bezels adorned with diamonds, housed within a 40mm case size. Available with either an Oysterflex or Oyster bracelet, the white gold versions exude an enchanting allure with mother-of-pearl subdials in a panda-style aesthetic. 

On the other hand, the Everose gold and yellow gold options come paired with matching Oyster bracelets crafted from their respective materials, completed with diamond-set lugs. The watches are available at prices starting from 28,800 CHF or SGD 43,108. 

What Has Rolex Discontinued in 2024?

At Watches and Wonders, brands usually unveil new releases and announce discontinuations from their esteemed collections. 

This year, Rolex followed suit and revealed which lines from their renowned collection will be discontinued. Here’s the list:

1. Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex is bidding farewell to the beloved Yacht-Master II collection, a significant departure that leaves behind only the original Yacht-Master line. 

This move marks a pivotal moment in the industry, as the Yacht-Master II has been a prominent fixture since its debut in 2007, nearly two decades ago.

Renowned for its brand-new Chronograph movement and exclusive Ring Command Bezel seamlessly integrated into the movement, the Yacht-Master II boasted impressive features such as the Flyback function and regatta countdown. 

These innovations, marvels of Rolex watchmaking, are now, at least for the time being, no longer in production.

Furthermore, by Rolex standards, the watch is notably large. With a diameter measuring 44mm, it stands as the largest among Rolex’s range of cases.

2. Rolex Daytona ‘Le Mans’

In the summer of 2023, Rolex introduced the Daytona ‘Le Mans’ to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans Race. 

This special edition garnered immense popularity, not only for its commemorative nature but also for being an unusual release from Rolex, known for its consistency. 

Encased in white gold and accompanied by a matching bracelet adorned with striking red accents, the Daytona ‘Le Mans’ paid homage to the race’s iconic color schemes.

One standout feature was its reverse-panda dial, a coveted configuration among Rolex Daytona enthusiasts. 

However, Rolex has decided to discontinue this model in a move reflecting practicality. Given its creation to honor the race’s centenary, it’s understandable that its relevance has waned post-celebration.

3. Rolex Fluted Dial and Palm Dial Datejust

Rolex has discontinued specific niche models within the Datejust Collection, such as the fluted and palm dial Datejust. 

While esteemed, the Datejust Collection doesn’t command the same level of popularity as Rolex’s sports watch catalog, making the discontinuation of these specialized dials unsurprising.

Throughout its history, the Rolex Datejust line has been known for showcasing a variety of captivating motif dials, including the tapestry, Rolex jubilee, and, more recently, the palm and fluted dials introduced in 2021.

Announcements regarding discontinuations and new releases are commonplace in the watch industry and usually happen at the Watches and Wonders annual event. 

For avid Rolex enthusiasts, staying tuned for the latest updates on the 2024 releases and any discontinuation rumors is essential. Keep an eye on the ground to ensure you know about the latest developments in Rolex and beyond.