One character that stood out in the “Barbie” movie was Ken, portrayed flawlessly by the ever-talented Ryan Gosling. As fans indulged in the captivating storyline, many keen eyes noticed the impressive assortment of watches adorning Ryan Gosling’s wrist during the movie.

For horology enthusiasts and movie fans alike, these watches became an intriguing topic of conversation, sparking a whirlwind of interest and speculation. From the silver screen to real-life appearances, Ryan Gosling’s wristwatch choices have garnered significant attention.

Curious to find out which watches Ryan Gosling sported during the movie and his interviews and promotional events? Join us as we delve into the captivating allure of each timepiece he adorned!

Ryan Gosling’s ‘Ken’ Watch in the “Barbie” Movie

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Apart from “Oppenheimer,” the “Barbie” movie has taken the world by storm since its release. Among the many intriguing aspects, Ken’s distinctive style has captured the attention of many, as he effortlessly combines multiple eye-catching accessories. 

In a particular scene, he astounds viewers by sporting a fur coat while proudly adorning three vintage Heuer chronographs, all simultaneously. It may seem like a daring move, but it seamlessly complements the overall ambiance of the film. 

Now, let’s delve into the details of each of these vintage timepieces and uncover their allure.

1. Tag Heuer Carrera ref. 1158 CHN

On Ryan Gosling’s wrist, the first vintage watch that steals the spotlight is the captivating all-gold Tag Heuer Carrera, reference 1158 CHN, hailing from the groovy 1970s. 

This timepiece holds a special place in the heart of Jack Heuer himself, the former CEO of the brand and the visionary grandson of its founder. Within its golden case lies the brand’s inaugural in-house automatic chronograph movement: the illustrious caliber 11.

With solid roots in the adrenaline-fueled world of Formula 1 in the 1970s, this watch is still in great demand, particularly in its sumptuous gold on Milanese-style bracelet configuration. 

The appeal of gold continues beyond the case, as this timepiece is secured to the wearer’s wrist by an exquisite 18-carat gold Milanese band.

2. Tag Heuer Carrera ref. 110.515

The Tag Heuer Carrera ref. 110.515 is another magnificent all-gold Carrera version that exudes an irresistible appeal. Although it lacks an all-gold bracelet, it makes up for it with an outstanding dial design that begs to be admired.

Closer inspection reveals an elaborate wavy etched design called Côte de Genève adorning the dial. This beautiful element increases the elegance of the timepiece, making it very appealing.

Considered a significant advancement in the lineage of Heuer chronographs, the ref. 110.515 showcases a barrel-shaped case that perfectly embodies the spirit of the 1970s era. 

Underneath the stunning facade lies the esteemed Heuer caliber 12. The caliber 12 operates at a higher frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (VPH) compared to the 19,800 VPH of the caliber 11. 

3. Tag Heuer Carrera ref. 2448 NT

The Tag Heuer Carrera ref. 2448 NT has a unique position in the horological journey of Ryan Gosling’s character in the “Barbie” film since it is the final vintage watch he wears. 

It’s no surprise that Gosling’s character would wear this legendary timepiece as an ambassador for the Tag Heuer brand, lending credibility and refinement to his on-screen demeanor.

This vintage relic from the 1960s embodies the renowned sporty Carrera design, enriched with opulent elegance. While not explicitly stated, we have come to recognize these watches in resplendent gold-plated iterations, and the ref. 2448 NT seemingly embraces this captivating allure.

The classic black dial, set in the traditional Carrera arrangement, seamlessly compliments the gold-toned hands and markers, producing a dramatic visual contrast that captivates everyone who sees it.

Matching Watches with Ken’s Personality

Ryan Gosling paid meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring a perfect alignment with the carefully crafted essence of Barbie. 

There were specific reasons behind his choice of vintage watches to portray Ken in the movie. Gosling chose three dazzling gold watches that complimented his confident demeanor. 

Interestingly, the decade in which these watches were produced corresponded to Gosling’s portrayal of Rocky, which premiered in the mid-1970s – the same era in which two of the three chosen watches were created.

Ryan Gosling’s “Barbie” Promotional Interview: Additional Timepieces

Along with the watches he wore as Ken in the film, Ryan Gosling was caught wearing another gorgeous Tag Heuer collection during a promotional interview for “Barbie”. 

One of the standout timepieces is the charming TAG Heuer Carrera Date WBN2313.BA0001 features a delightful pink dial. This 36mm timepiece exudes boldness and confidence, housed in a steel case complemented by the iconic tapered signature H-shaped steel bracelet.

The brilliant pink sunray dial, with a date display and attractively contrasted hands and attached indexes, tells volumes about the wearer’s strong personality. 

This watch is physically appealing and highly durable, driven by a caliber 7 automatic movement with an impressive 56-hour power reserve. A beveled, domed sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating adds to its longevity.

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken in the “Barbie” movie not only captivated audiences with his sophisticated style and elegant charm but also sparked a horological fascination. 

As an ambassador for the Tag Heuer brand, Gosling’s fondness for old timepieces added an air of authenticity to the picture, giving a depth of elegance that connected with viewers worldwide. 

The combination of Ryan Gosling’s natural charisma and these classic timepieces’ appeal will make a lasting impression on moviegoers and horology fans alike.