More and more people are realizing how important sustainability is. In the luxury world, there is a significant movement toward sustainability, with many brands aiming to positively impact the planet and be more eco-friendly, especially in the watch industry.

There’s a common belief that luxury and sustainability don’t mix. People tend to doubt the sincerity of luxury brands when they talk about caring for the environment.

Contrary to popular belief, many luxury brands are not paying lip service to environmental concerns. They are genuinely and wholeheartedly making efforts to be environmentally friendly.

5 Sustainable Luxury Watch Brands

Let’s explore five environmentally-conscious luxury watch brands and their dedication to the greater good. Their timepieces embody modern elegance, blending premium materials and expert craftsmanship with a strong sustainability ethos.

1. Chopard

Chopard is leading the charge among luxury brands when it comes to sustainability. They’re deeply committed to using ethically sourced materials, like their “Ethical Gold” from Peru and Colombia, where fair labor practices and environmental responsibility are top priorities.

But their dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Chopard is also making waves in the luxury watch industry in terms of recycling. 

At the Watches and Wonders event in 2023, they announced a game-changing move. All future steel timepieces will be crafted from Lucent Steel™, a sustainable material made from over 80% recycled steel, which is 50% tougher than traditional steel.

This demonstrates Chopard’s serious commitment to the environmental movement. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a sustainable luxury watch, Chopard is a brand worth considering.

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2. Breitling 

Breitling has forged partnerships with several organizations, including Ocean Conservancy, Qhubeka, and the Solar Impulse Foundation, to champion environmental causes and advocate for sustainable practices. 

Their commitment extends beyond ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices, as they actively contribute to initiatives that benefit the planet.

Breitling is steadfast in its journey toward reducing social and environmental impacts. From adopting 100% upcycled packaging to sourcing 100% Swiss Better Gold and utilizing 100% renewable electricity across its headquarters operations, Breitling is leading by example and inspiring its network of suppliers to follow suit.

A notable example of their eco-friendly efforts is the Superocean Heritage 57 Outerknown watch, which features a strap crafted from recycled nylon gathered from ocean waste called ECONYL.

3. Omega

Omega is another watch brand that has made significant strides in sustainability. Their manufacturing facility in Bienne, Switzerland, sets a high standard for environmental responsibility, prioritizing safety, cleanliness, and employee well-being.

In addition to its eco-friendly practices, Omega has earned sustainability certification from The METAS (Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology), particularly for its Co-Axial Master Chronometer. 

Meeting METAS standards necessitated Omega’s establishment of an independent office within their new factory, overseen by the Swiss government, to ensure testing impartiality, consistency, and precision.

Furthermore, Omega uses recycled stainless steel and ethically sourced gold in their timepieces, while their leather straps are sourced from sustainable origins. 

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4. IWC 

sustainable watch brands

IWC, with a legacy dating back to 1868, embarked on its sustainability journey around a decade ago, marking a significant shift in its ethos. 

The brand is dedicated to ensuring that all its self-owned boutiques operate on 100% renewable energy, a commendable initiative aligned with its environmental goals. 

This ambition is realized at their headquarters by installing solar panels and other renewable energy sources, further underscoring their commitment to green practices.

Presently, the company is focused on prioritizing a more conscientious technology infrastructure. This entails addressing energy-intensive data centers and confronting the luxury industry’s penchant for constant gadget upgrades, particularly smartphones. 

5. Panerai

sustainable watch brands

Another sustainable watch brand is Panerai. Its journey toward sustainability has been marked by deliberate actions and initiatives aimed at minimizing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible practices throughout its opinions.

Panerai has prioritized responsible sourcing of materials, ensuring that its supply chain adheres to ethical and sustainable standards. 

Panerai’s commitment to sustainability is underscored by its membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 2012. The brand has been at the forefront of championing sustainable materials and processes, with its eSteel material serving as a prime example of its dedication to environmental responsibility.

eSteel, a next-generation metal developed by Panerai, is derived from pre-consumer recycled steel scraps, comprising up to 95% of its composition from various industries. 

Panerai asserts that the production of eSteel yields a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, further demonstrating the brand’s proactive approach to minimizing its environmental impact.

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These sustainable luxury watch brands offer an appealing alternative for those seeking eco-friendly options without compromising on luxury. 

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship, they prove that luxury timepieces can align with sustainability principles.

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