Keeping a luxury car’s value intact requires careful detailing and coating. For these crucial tasks, 3Steps is the place to be. Tucked away in the vibrant neighborhood of Gading Serpong, it’s the go-to workshop for top-notch service.

Luxehouze, in collaboration with the eminent lifestyle influencer Chris CSB, had the privilege of directly conversing with Steven Jorgie, one of the Co-Owners of 3Steps, delving into the intriguing array of services offered at this automotive sanctuary. 

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Variety in Detailing and Coating Services at 3Steps

At its core, 3Steps displays a devotion to safeguarding and enhancing automobiles’ exterior appeal, as Steven explained in an exclusive segment of “The World of Luxe” alongside Chris CSB.

“Essentially, 3Steps specializes in paint protection for cars, motorcycles, and more. We offer coatings, PPF, and PPS,” Steven explained.

PPF, or Paint Protection Film, is a transparent shield meticulously applied to vehicles’ exterior surfaces. It serves as a defensive wall against scratches, damages, or unsightly blemishes, thereby ensuring the longevity of the pristine coat.

Meanwhile, PPS, or Peelable Paint System, introduces a temporary coating that allows vehicle owners to indulge in a spectrum of hues, an innovation relatively rare in the automotive landscape of Indonesia that is readily available at 3Steps.

“PPS facilitates color customization, enabling customers to personalize the body and velg colors at their whim. Moreover, its peelable nature allows for effortless removal akin to a mere sticker,” said Steven.


Whether it be coating, PPF, or PPS, each procedure necessitates meticulous preliminary washing and polishing to unveil and rectify any imperfections on the vehicle’s surface. 

This will pave the way for a flawless detailing process, culminating in an impeccable finish.

Expert Tips: Preserving Your Luxury Car at Home

In addition to outlining the full range of services, Steven also shares some tips to help luxury car owners maintain their prized possessions.

1. Apply paint protection

Steven emphasizes the importance of starting with paint protection, highlighting it as the foundation for preserving automotive quality. Therefore, he urges new owners to prioritize this protective measure before taking their first drive.

“At the point of purchase, investing in paint protection is crucial for easier maintenance,” he advised. “Without it, the car will be more at risk of scratches.”

By enhancing the vehicle with a protective shield, scratches and blemishes are deterred by the additional layer, preserving the quality of the underlying paint.


2. Use microfiber to dry the car

Although washing luxury vehicles at home is common, Steven highlights the crucial part of the drying stage in preserving the vehicle’s shine. 

To ensure optimal preservation, he recommends using a gentle cloth touch with a microfiber cloth during drying to prevent any accidental scratches.

Timepieces as Complementary Accessories to Luxury Vehicles

Steven acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between luxury timepieces and automobiles, with numerous watch brands paying homage to the automotive industry through their exquisite creations.

During “The World of Luxe” session, Steven adorns his wrist with the iconic Rolex Submariner, praising its versatility in seamlessly complementing diverse ensembles. 

“This timepiece exudes understated elegance, effortlessly harmonizing with any attire, courtesy of its timeless black hue,” he remarks.

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For dynamic drives in a sports car, Steven favors the sporty allure of an Audemars Piguet timepiece, accentuated by its rubber strap. 

“The Audemars Piguet exudes a distinctly athletic vibe, particularly when paired with a rubber strap—an ideal choice for the driving enthusiast,” he elaborated.

The prestigious timepieces adorning Steven’s wrist, as the respected Co-Owner of 3Steps, are available at Luxehouze. 

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