There are many types of watch straps on the market with various designs. Watch straps are usually made of rubber, nylon, leather, or stainless steel. The types of watch strap available have different designs. Each watch strap defines your appearance and can be adjusted to your activity. For example, a rubber watch strap is more suit able for sports, while leather watch straps are preferable for formal occasions. It’s therefore crucial to pick the right watch strap. Check out this information on the types of watch straps!

Different Types of Watch Straps

1. Stainless Steel

This watch strap is the most common in many different watches. Stainless steel straps may come in different shapes, styles, and colors. It is also easily mixed and matched for different outfits and activities.

2. Rubber

Rubber straps are widely used in the market. This type of strap is perfect for those of you with lots of outdoor activities such as sports. Rubber strapped watches are also great for casual events to give a sporty look.

3. Leather

Leather straps are hugely popular among watch lovers. Since they emulate a more serious look, it’s suitable for formal attire and events. However, there are actually several types of leather straps. Some are made from regular leather, so they still look casual and can be used for regular looks. There are also dress leather straps which look good when paired with formal outfits and events. Dress leather is usually made of skins of alligators, kangaroos, and other animals. Its superior quality makes dress leather straps carry their own beauty.


NATO straps usually have an affordable price and are made of lightweight and durable nylon. This strap is usually striped and comes in stylish colors. It’s a great pick if you are fond of casual and simple looks while still staying stylish.

5. Nylon

Another common strap type is nylon. It’s washable and flexible, framing your wrist shape. Nylon straps are durable, casual, and comfortable. On the other hand, nylon straps used to be popular among the military due to their durability.

6. Rally

This watch strap is suitable for the summer, as it has holes or perforations. This watch strap is great if you sweat easily around your wrist. Rally straps are usually made of leather and rubber.

7. Jubilee

Jubilee is one of the popular types of watch straps. It was first used by Rolex in their 1945 Datejust collection. This type of watch strap has a signature characteristic of 5 parts of metal arranged into a strap with a flowing contour. It has three smaller and shiny inner parts.

8. Engineer

If you are looking for elegant watch straps, you can go for the Engineer watch strap. This strap is made with 5 rows of metals and each corner reflects light from all sides. Watches with Engineer straps usually have a standard size and are used by divers.

9. Sailcloth

Just like its name, this watch strap is made of nylon commonly used for sailcloths. This strap is highly durable, absorbs water well, and dries down quickly. This watch strap will create a stylish look!

10. Oyster

The Oyster watch strap is made of metal with the most casual and sporty look. This watch strap can be used by both men and women who love sports, especially underwater sports. This watch strap has been used by Rolex since the 1930s and has grown more popular since then.

11. Perlon

You can also choose the Perlon watch strap. This watch strap is made of nylon with a unique design. It has no perforations in the strap, so it may feel hotter and damper than other types of watch straps.

12. Ceramic

Ceramic watch straps are also widely used. This watch strap is lightweight, scratch resistant, and does not irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you need to try this watch strap. However, do note that ceramic straps are more expensive than other strap types.

Discover Various Watch Straps of the Highest Quality

Those are the different kinds of watch straps you can find on the market. Watch straps define your appearance as it can bring out a formal or casual look depending on what you choose. Adjust it to your activity and outfit and you can never go wrong. Having watches with different strap types is useful if you want to experiment with new looks on your wrist. Choose watch straps of the finest quality so they’ll last a long time and stay elegant. Discover watches with various straps at Luxehouze! You can find luxury watches from brands such as RolexAudemars PiguetPanerai, and many more!