Having a durable watch with an unfading shine is many watch collectors’ goal. If you’re one of them, you need to follow some steps to take care of your watch. Aside from being an accessory to tell time, watches are also a fashion statement to elevate daily looks for both men and women.Luxury watches also offer a sense of art and beauty that lures many people to invest their money in various models and brands. Luxury watches usually have a historical value along with intricate machinery. No wonder watch collectors spend a great deal of money to have them.Once a luxury watch is in your hands, you would want it to last and look just like new all the time. Check out these tips to care for your watch!

How to Care for Your Watch

1. Clean Your Watch Regularly

The easiest way to care for your watch is by cleaning it regularly, especially if you have a watch with a stainless steel strap. You can wipe it gently with a microfiber cloth every time you want to keep your watch. A microfiber cloth can wipe off the sweat from your watch strap effectively.

2. Notice the Watch’s Water Resistance

Nowadays, many watches are water resistant, allowing you to wear it while underwater, such as when swimming, snorkeling, and diving. However, you still need to keep in mind the type of watch you wear.If you are wearing a diving watch, it’s completely fine to use it underwater. If your watch is more on the casual side, research its water resistance before bringing it into the water.

3. Cleaning the Watch Strap

Cleaning your watch regularly isn’t all it takes to care for your watch and keep it looking like new. You also need to take note of the watch strap and clean it meticulously. The watch strap has many spaces for dirt to stick to.There are different ways of cleaning your watch strap depending on the material. For example, rubber watch straps can be cleaned easily with a wiping cloth. You can use a small brush to clean the spaces between your stainless strap, or wash your canvas strap.

4. Change Your Watch Battery Regularly

Although some people are interested in mechanical watches due to the highly artistic value of the machinery, some others still prefer quartz watches. The next step to care for your watch is by changing the battery regularly to prevent the machine from shutting down and damaging the watch’s mechanism.

5. Make the Best Use of Your Warranty

Making the best use of your warranty is another way to keep your watch long-lasting. Every watch purchase usually comes with a warranty for a certain period of time. You can visit the store for checking in case your watch has any problem that needs fixing.

6. Keep Your Watch in a Designated Place

You may think you don’t have to store your watch anywhere special because you wear it on a daily basis. However, one way to keep your watch looking new is by keeping it in a designated place.Make sure you keep your watch in a dry place so that it can last long. You can use a watch box so your watch can be protected from dust and extreme temperature changes that may damage its mechanism.

7. Let Beauty Products Dry

The next step in Watch Care 101 is by making sure your beauty products are completely dry before wearing your watch. Beauty products such as body lotions and body serums make your skin more moisturized. You might damage your watch if you directly wear it over moist skin.

8. Use a Special Liquid for a Shinier Watch

One of the most attractive things about a stainless steel watch is its beautiful shine. To keep your watch shining, aside from regular cleaning, use a special liquid to maintain its shine.

9. Don’t Take It to Extremes

To ensure that your watch will last long, don’t take it to extremes. While watches these days are made from the best materials that can resist even the toughest extremes, it doesn’t mean you can do so on purpose, such as scratching it with a sharp object, dropping it, and more.

10. Observe It Regularly

This tip is especially important for mechanical watch owners more than quartz watch owners, as mechanical watches are slightly less accurate than quartz ones.While mechanical watches do store energy longer, there’s no harm in observing it everyday and moving the crown to keep the watch running.

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Those are 10 steps of Watch Care 101 to keep your watch durable and just like new. Clean it and change the battery regularly, store it in a dry place, and use a special liquid to clean it.By caring for your watch in the best way, your watch will always look beautiful and can be worn for a long time. If you are looking for mechanical or quartz watches, discover various collections at Luxehouze!Find different watch brands for both men and women with various models and sizes. Pick a watch that suits your style and activity to complete your look and make the most of its function!