Among the most coveted features of wristwatches is their water resistance. Water resistant watches tend to enjoy high popularity, albeit often with a premium price tag. 

Presently, an array of luxury timepieces is designed with water resistance in mind, some even boasting remarkable depth capabilities.

But how exactly does water resistance function in timepieces, and what are the top recommendations? Dive deeper into this article to explore further. 

Understanding Water Resistant Watches

A water resistant watch is meticulously crafted to withstand the infiltration of water up to specific depths or pressures. This implies that such timepieces can be used in wet conditions or even submerged underwater without succumbing to damage. 

The water resistance level of watches is typically measured in meters, indicating the depth or pressure of water that the watch can endure. When purchasing a timepiece, water resistance is commonly denoted as “water-resistant.” 

Generally, in luxury watches, the water resistance level ranges between 100 to 200 meters, although there are timepieces engineered to withstand even greater depths.

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Distinctive Features of Water Resistant Watches

How can one discern whether a luxury watch is truly water-resistant or not? There are several telltale signs to be mindful of when considering the purchase of a water-resistant luxury timepiece.

water resistant watch1. Marketed as water resistant

Typically, a water resistant watch will be marketed as water-resistant. Information regarding the water-resistant rating of the watch can easily be found in the purchasing guide or specified on the sales page when buying online. Generally, the depth rating for water resistance in luxury watches is around 100-200 meters.

2. Lume feature

Lume refers to a phosphorescent material applied to watch elements, designed to absorb light and emit it back in low-light conditions. This enables the watch elements to remain legible even when submerged underwater or in dark environments. 

Water resistant watches are invariably designed with the incorporation of lume on the indices and watch hands. This is crucial as underwater conditions often result in poor visibility, rendering watch hands and indices difficult to read without adequate illumination. 

Hence, truly water resistant watches incorporate the lume feature to ensure legibility even underwater. 

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3. Screw-down mechanism

The screw-down mechanism allows the crown and case back of the watch to securely lock, thus preventing water ingress. This feature is commonly found in diver’s watches or timepieces intended for diving activities. 

The screw-down function operates by twisting the crown into the threaded portion of the watch case, creating a tight seal to prevent water and dust from infiltrating the watch mechanism. 

water resistant watch

Top 5 Best Water Resistant Watches Recommendations

Intrigued by the idea of owning a timepiece that can withstand water exposure and sweat? Watches of this kind are particularly suitable for collectors with active lifestyles, frequent athletes, or individuals engaging in water activities. Below are some of the best water resistant watch recommendations.

1. Rolex Submariner Hulk

The Submariner stands as one of Rolex’s most popular collections, categorized as a diver’s watch, engineered to withstand diving depths. 

The Rolex Submariner Hulk refers to the Submariner model Ref. 116610LV, affectionately named after the iconic character, the Hulk, due to its green dial and bezel. Introduced in 2010, it boasts an Oystersteel case resistant to corrosion and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. 

Furthermore, this watch is waterproof up to 300 meters, featuring a screw-down mechanism and the automatic Calibre 3135 movement. For those interested, the Submariner Hulk is available at Luxehouze.

Submariner is often compared with the Rolex Sea-Dweller, another popular diver’s watch collection from Rolex. However, these two collections boast several distinct features. Explore their differences in the video below.

2. Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

True to its name, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M offers water resistance up to 300 meters. Initially released in 1993, it remains immensely popular to this day. 

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it is equipped with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. Its propulsion mechanism utilizes the Co-Axial Master Chronometer, commonly found in Omega’s waterproof timepieces. 

Those intrigued by this watch can find the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M at Luxehouze, starting from SGD 5,800.

3. TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph x Porsche 963 Special Edition

The Carrera stands as a renowned collection from TAG Heuer. The brand has collaborated with Porsche to introduce the special edition 963 timepiece. 

TAG Heuer’s close association with the racing world and automotive industry makes this collaboration unsurprising. This watch features a robust and sporty design with a skeletonized dial. 

Its strap is crafted from rubber material inspired by low-drag NACA air inlets, uniquely engraved with “963” on its central links. TAG Heuer has also enlisted the legendary American racer, Patrick Dempsey, as the model for this timepiece.

4. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990/1A-001 Gray

While not specifically a diver’s watch, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990/1A-001 still boasts high-quality water resistance capabilities. 

Combining a sporty and modern touch with a dominant gray dial, it can withstand water pressures up to 120 meters, making it suitable for everyday situations like swimming or bathing. Currently available at Luxehouze, this unique timepiece starts from SGD 138,000.

water resistant watch

5. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Green Dial

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 15720ST.OO.A052CA.01 Green Dial stands out as an intriguing variant of the iconic Royal Oak Offshore collection, renowned for its masculine and sporty design. 

Featuring a large case with an octagonal bezel, this watch offers a considerable water resistance of 100 meters. Consequently, it is often recommended as a waterproof timepiece. Those interested can find this watch at Luxehouze, with prices starting from SGD 38,500.

water resistant watch

These are just a few waterproof watches worth considering for your personal collection. For those seeking genuine luxury timepieces, Luxehouze offers a diverse collection from various brands, all guaranteed to be 100% authentic and available at the best prices. Visit Luxehouze today and discover your dream watch!