A watch winder is an indispensable tool for every watch collector. However, this device might still be unfamiliar to novice collectors. 

So, what exactly is a watch winder? Let’s delve into this article to gain a comprehensive understanding!

What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is designed to keep automatic watches powered when they are not worn. Essentially, the power source for automatic watches stems from motion. 

When an automatic watch is worn, it experiences movement, which ensures its proper functioning. However, if left unused for an extended period, this watch type will cease functioning. 

This is why automatic watches need to be stored in a watch winder. This device provides the necessary movement to keep automatic watches powered and functioning optimally. 

Think of a watch winder as a superhero, protecting your automatic watches from the evil of prolonged inactivity. By keeping them moving, it prevents potential damage and ensures they’re always ready for action.

The History of Watch Winders

The concept of the watch winder dates back to the 1920s when John Harwood invented it. As the popularity of automatic watches grew, so did the recognition of watch winders, making them a crucial accessory, particularly in the 1990s. 

Initially, watch winders were considered exclusive accessories, not accessible to everyone. However, with technological advancements, many brands offer watch winders at more affordable prices without compromising quality.

watch winder

Understanding How Watch Winders Work

How do watch winders operate? Typically housed in a box-like structure, watch winders allow owners to place their automatic watches inside. The winder rotates slowly, prompting the watch to detect movement and remain operational. 

The direction of rotation can be adjusted, either clockwise or counterclockwise, which is essential as some watches require specific rotor movements to charge effectively. 

Regularly checking your watch over several days ensures the watch winder functions correctly. A quality watch winder allows users to adjust the number of rotations per day and offers various rotation directions. 

Additionally, many watch winder models double as storage units, keeping watches free from dust and unseen debris.

Where to Get a Watch Winder

Beyond their primary function of keeping watches powered, watch winders can also serve as storage solutions to maintain watches’ cleanliness and longevity. 

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