Need a reason to expand your watch collection? We got you! Did you know that there are many types of watch? Having one doesn’t mean you have to stop buying another!

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Types of Watch

There are 10+ types of watch based on mechanism, feature, and function. Let’s take a look one by one.

1. Analogue watch

Analogue watches are watches that show a clock face with the numbers 1-12 and three hands—hour hand, minute hand and second hand—to tell time. It’s easy to use and looks elegant and classic, making analogue watches one of the most used in the world.

Some analogue watches use Arabic numerals while others use Roman ones. Many analogue watches also hold extra features such as an extra time display, calendar, and stopwatch.

2. Digital watch

Jam tangan digital Hublot Big Bang E

Hublot Big Bang E

Unlike analogue watches, digital watches have no hands to tell time. They also don’t show the clock face on the dial. Digital watches tell time through number text displayed on its LCD. These watches show hours, minutes, and seconds digitally. Sometimes, we can choose the LCD display, such as the digital clock face display.

Digital watches usually come with various features which cannot be found in analogue watches, such as light, alarm, calculator, and GPS. These features determine the price of a digital watch.

3. Quartz watch

Do you often encounter the term “quartz” on a watch? This term refers to the technology used in such watches, indicating that the engine used is electronic-based. Since it is not mechanical, these watches use energy from electricity (battery).

How does it work? Quartz refers to one type of mineral called the quartz crystal. In watches with quartz technology, the quartz crystal is placed inside the watch engine. Simply put, electric current from the watch battery causes the quartz crystal to vibrate and run the movement motor, and the hour hand moves as a result.

4. Mechanical watch

Jam tangan mekanis Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm PAM01661

Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm PAM01661

Mechanical watches are those that do not have any electrical component in it. These watches do not require electric current, unlike quartz watches. All engines in these watches use mechanical power and movement.

How does it work? Mechanical watches are moved by a mainspring that must be wound regularly. The movement causes the mainspring to tense up and then loosen, moving the interconnected gears. These gears move the watch hands.

5. Automatic watch

Jam tangan otomatis Rolex GMT-Master-II

Rolex GMT-Master II

Automatic or self-winding watches are one type of mechanical watches. This watch automatically charges through rotor rotations. While the mainspring in mechanical watches needs to be wound regularly, in automatic watches, the rotor will rotate if the watch is moved by its user. The rotor rotation will tense up the mainspring.

The mainspring will loosen in certain periods based on its energy capacity. Some mainsprings can store energy for 30, 40 hours, or even 10 days. This capacity is called the power reserve. If an automatic watch is not moved, the rotor will not rotate in certain periods, causing the power reserve to run out and the watch to stop.

6. Chronograph watch

Jam tangan chronograph Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 40 116500LN

Chronograph watches are another type of watch. Let’s start by getting to know the chronograph. A chronograph is an additional feature in mechanical watches, which measures duration or time in seconds, minutes, and hours. This feature makes chronographs identical to stopwatches.

Chronograph watches have a unique design. They always have two subdials, which are small circles located inside the main dial. Apart from subdials, chronograph watches also have two pushers on either side of the case, usually next to the crown. If you want to find out more about chronograph watches, read more here!

7. Tourbillion watch

Tourbillon watches are one type of mechanical watches. The tourbillon feature makes it highly expensive and sought after. What is the tourbillon? The tourbillon is a feature that allows a mechanical watch to be more consistent and accurate with less deviations by “neutralizing” the effect of gravity.

The tourbillon feature is not too relevant in modern watches anymore. The deviations caused by gravity in mechanical watch can now be minimized by other simpler components. Yet, tourbillon watches are still highly sought be watch collectors who would pay hundreds of millions or even billions for them. This is due to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of tourbillon watches. The tourbillon remains one of the most intricate features that can only be crafted by highly talented watchmakers.

8. Skeleton watch

Jam tangan skeleton Richard Mille
Richard Mille RM35-01 Rafael Nadal Black

The skeleton watch is a term for mechanical watches that show the whole engine. There is no partition between the clock face and engine, so you can directly view the engine moving in your watch. Skeleton watches are usually crafted with a bold yet minimalistic design so that you can fully witness its main feature, the watch engine.

9. Smartwatch

You must be familiar with smartwatches by now. As one of the most popular devices right now, smartwatches have multiple features which reflect its name. They don’t only tell time. This kind of watch usually comes with a touch screen feature. They can also be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to use standard smartphone apps such as text messaging, calendar, music, and health monitor all through your watch.

Smartwatches come in various designs, from simpler ones to more complex ones. Their prices vary from hundreds of thousands up to tens of millions. You can adjust your smartwatch choice based on your lifestyle.

10. Dress watch

Dress watch Franck Muller
Franck Muller

Just as its name suggests, a dress watch is designed especially for formal events. This type of watch doesn’t only tell time but elevates your appearance and allows you to do some flexing!

Dress watches have a classy, elegant, and timeless design to be used along with a suit and long-sleeve shirt, as well as other formal outfits. A dress watch usually has a medium-sized case to keep it simple, minimalistic, and slim, so it would perfectly fit under your shirt. Dress watches are usually made with premium metals.

11. Sports watch

In contrast to dress watches, sports watches are designed for those with an active lifestyle. Sports watches can be worn for more casual occasions. Right now, there are also many luxury sports watches for more formal events.

Since it is designed for casual wear, a sports watch often has a livelier design than dress watches. Many sports watches come in contrasting and attractive colors instead of monochromatic ones. Moreover, many sports watches are made from more casual materials such as rubber.

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