Many watch fans highly regard Richard Mille for its top-notch quality. Though the prices are high, they match the outstanding quality. Before buying, knowing how to spot a fake Richard Mille watch by its features is essential.

Many luxury watch buyers have unknowingly bought fake watches or made mistakes. Surprisingly, even famous Indonesians have been tricked. So, it’s crucial to research well before buying. Learn how to check if a watch is authentic to avoid making mistakes.

How to Spot a Fake Richard Mille Watch

Experienced collectors find it easy to tell real Richard Mille watches from fakes. But for beginners, it’s much more challenging. Here’s a simple guide to help you spot the real deal.

1. Check the watch serial number

The first step is to identify the watch’s serial number. Every watch has its unique serial number, which helps identify it. 

Real Richard Mille watches start their serial numbers with ‘RM,’ followed by a mix of letters, numbers, and spaces. You can usually find this number on the bottom of the caseback of the watch.

2. Compare market prices

Due to its premium quality, Richard Mille products are marketed at a considerable price point, often reaching more than IDR 1 billion. If you find a Richard Mille watch being sold for much less than usual, it’s reasonable to doubt if it’s authentic.

To ascertain the precise value of a timepiece, you can directly visit the official Richard Mille website and compare the price stated there to the watch you want to buy.

However, for pre-owned watch prices, it’s a good idea to compare them on trusted websites like Watch Analytics that focus on watch-related information.

3. Check the quality of the material

It’s important to know that Richard Mille watches are always made of excellent materials. Sometimes, these materials are even better than what other luxury watch brands use. 

Richard Mille usually uses rigid materials like titanium, carbon, and sapphire crystal, which make the watches feel special when you wear them. Therefore, before you buy one, it’s wise to check what materials it’s made of.

4. Check the placement of the brand’s logo

Luxury watch brands always show their logo on the watch to show who made them. You’ll see the logo on the original Richard Mille watches clearly on the watch’s dial.

The logo on genuine watches will be centered and look just right in Richard Mille’s particular style. If the logo looks blurry or not centered, the watch might not be authentic.

5. Verify all related documents

Buyers should receive extensive documentation accompanying the watch when purchasing a luxury timepiece. Typically, this documentation includes a warranty card, information about the watch’s identity, and guidelines for its use and maintenance.

Before finalizing any purchase, verifying the completeness of the accompanying documents is imperative. Even if you’re buying a secondhand watch, ask the person selling it for all the papers that came with it.

These documents prove that the timepiece was previously acquired through legitimate channels and is indeed authentic. 

6. Check the reference number

Besides serial numbers, it’s also essential to pay attention to reference numbers. The reference number helps tell one watch model apart from another, unlike the serial number, which is unique to each watch.

You can usually find the reference number inside the watch, which is often delicately engraved on the movement or mechanism. 

how to spot a fake richard mille

Where to Buy Authentic Richard Mille Watch

Besides the methods mentioned above for distinguishing between genuine and fake watches, there is another alternative to ensure that the purchased watch is authentic. This can be done by buying from a trusted source.

You can choose from these three places to buy luxury watches like Richard Mille, namely the official Richard Mille boutiques, authorized dealers, or luxury goods marketplaces.

1. Brand’s boutique

Every luxury watch brand usually has official boutiques in various areas. Purchasing from the official boutique guarantees quality and authenticity. This can be a plus point for new buyers not accustomed to buying watches through other means.

However, the purchasing process at the official boutique generally takes longer. This is because most watches are not readily available in stock but must go through a pre-order system.

In addition, buyers cannot get discontinued watches from the boutique. The boutique will only sell watches still officially produced by Richard Mille.

2. Authorized dealer

how to spot a fake richard mille

Unlike boutiques, authorized dealers do not only provide watches from one brand. Generally, they collaborate with several brands and obtain official permission to distribute watches from them in their stores.

Many authorized dealers can be found in Indonesia. The advantage is that you can see more collections at these places.

However, dealers usually set higher selling prices to earn a bigger commission. Typically, dealers will increase the cost of goods by around 5-10% from the boutique price.

3. Luxury goods marketplace

Another solution is to visit marketplaces designed specifically for transactions of luxury goods, including Richard Mille watches. Such marketplaces usually present collections from various brands, not limited to watch products.

The advantage is that marketplaces usually have a more diverse collection so that potential buyers can compare products and prices more easily.

Moreover, both new and pre-owned watches are available here. Thus, discontinued watches can still be found through luxury goods marketplaces.

However, always be cautious of dubious marketplaces whose quality is not guaranteed. Choosing a trustworthy marketplace, such as Luxehouze, is advisable.

Luxehouze has a vast collection of watches from various renowned brands. All products at Luxehouze are guaranteed 100% authentic and can be obtained at the best prices.

You can make transactions at Luxehouze online or offline. You can visit Luxehouze boutiques in Jakarta or Surabaya to see the collections firsthand.

So, if you’re looking for a genuine Richard Mille watch at a competitive price, don’t hesitate to visit Luxehouze now!