Omega is a widely loved luxury watch brand, one of the most popular Swiss brands in the world. Omega watches are known for their unmatched precision, making them the perfect choice for athletes, divers, astronauts, and luxury watch enthusiasts. Their Seamaster and Speedmaster series are huge favorites among watch collectors.

If you’re a fan of Omega watches and want to start collecting their timepieces, one of the most important things to consider is the authenticity of the watch. Due to the expensive price of authentic Omega watches, it will be a massive disappointment if the watch you buy turns out to be a replica. So, here are the characteristics of a real Omega watch and how to spot a real versus fake Omega watch!

Characteristics of an Authentic Omega Watch

1. Comes in 4 series

The first thing you should know about authentic Omega watches is that they only come in 4 series: the Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation, and De Ville. Each of these series has its own specialties. Speedmaster watches, for example, are more dynamic and modern, while Seamaster watches have a more casual and sportier look. Inspired by the stars, the Constellation series are for those of you who love elegant and luxurious watches, while the De Ville watches are more formal.

2. Co-axial movement technology

The next characteristic of a real Omega watch is its movement. Omega watches are known for their co-axial movement technology which allows them to have high precision for a long period of time without having to fix it regularly.

Aside from the co-axial movement, Omega also innovates with the master co-axial, which perfects this technology even further. Some of their watches also come with quartz movement.

3. Unique design

Every luxury watch has its own intricate design that makes it memorable for watch collectors, and so does Omega. Its four series come in their own design to suit your preference. The Speedmaster and Seamaster are more masculine, while the Constellation and De Ville are more elegant and romantic. Omega ensures each of their creation is timeless and luxurious.

4. Limited edition products

Omega may occasionally launch limited edition products that are still part of their existing series. They have previously created the Seamaster Diver 300M “James Bond” in honor of the film’s 50th anniversary. Keep yourself updated with their limited editions so that you won’t be conned by false information about non-existing products or series.

5. Detailed logo

You may be familiar with the Omega logo, which is usually positioned around the 12-hour marker on Omega watches. Another important note is that the logo has special details on its feet, which sets it apart from fake Omega watches. Each foot on the Omega symbol has a ‘hook’ that faces upwards. These hooks are positioned precisely. If you were to draw a line to divide the Omega logo in two, the shape you get will be similar with the ‘2’ on the foot and the crescent moon on top.

6. Comes with a warranty

When buying a real omega Watch, you’ll surely get a warranty. This warranty will last up to 5 years and can be used internationally. Luxury watches such as Omega have a superior quality that prevents them from wearing out easily, but it won’t hurt to read the terms and conditions so that you’ll be well informed on how to claim the warranty if you ever need to.

Those are the characteristics of an authentic Omega watch. Now, let’s move on to some tips on spotting a real vs. fake Omega watch.

How to Differentiate Real vs. Fake Omega Watches

1. Smooth hand motion

You can easily distinguish a real Omega watch from a replica from its hand motion. Luxury watches such as Omega have a smooth hand motion that you can’t hear it ticking. This smoothness cannot be replicated in fake watches due to the highly advanced and intricate technology of authentic watches.

2. Serial number

Every authentic Omega watch has a 7 to an 8-digit serial number which is engraved on the case back during production. For more vintage models, the serial number is found in the case back, whereas more modern models have it engraved underneath either of the lugs (the part connected to the strap base). You can do a quick cross-referencing with this serial number and compare it on the Internet. If it doesn’t match, your Omega watch might be fake.

3. Dial details

Another way to differentiate a real Omega watch from the fake one is from the dial. Omega watches have a detailed dial. This means that there can be no awkward placing of letters or numbers and even typos. Double-check the spacing between each marker or letter. Authentic watches will have a precise distance between markers. Furthermore, the Omega logo on real watches is placed on a separate piece of metal that is then attached to the dial instead of painted directly on it.

4. The hand

Omega is really innovative when it comes to developing hand motions with complex engineering. Aside from the smooth hand motion, you can also verify if your watch is authentic when you adjust the time. The second hand should totally stop when you move the crown. If not, you might be holding a replica.

5. Luminescence

Real Omega watches have a luminescent feature or ‘lumens’ that distinguish them from fakes. This can be found especially in the Seamaster models, as they are created to help divers see in the dark and underwater. The lumens are found on the time markers, hands, and the dot on the rotating bezel. These parts will stay luminous with a noticeable glow, and the reflective layer will be seen clearly with no thin lines.

To test your watch’s luminescence, charge it under bright light for at least 15 seconds, then switch the light off or move to a dark location. Notice that your watch will glow brightly for a remarkable period of time. If the glow looks dull or only lasts a while, it might be a sign that your watch is fake.

6. Helium escape valve

Due to their water resistance, Omega watches from the Seamaster series come with a helium escape valve that cannot be found in replicas. Even if a replica watch has it, the valve will just be a non-functional ornament. The bottom of the valve can be located at the 10-hour position on real Omega watches.

7. Crown function

Every detail of an Omega watch is functional. Fake Omega watches might place ornaments such as the crown here and there to look real visually, but the features mostly have no function. Test each crown and make sure it works to verify the authenticity of your Omega watch.

8. Date window

Omega watches have a detailed and precise date window where you can check the date. See whether the date is positioned right at the center of the window and the numbers cover up the whole space.

9. Research about the store

If you already have a store in mind where you plan to get your Omega watch, do some research to ensure your store is trusted and authentic. Check the authenticity of the website, and the store address. This will greatly reduce the possibility of encountering a fraudulent seller.

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