Luxury brands are the most powerful brands which manage to get our attention easily. When you walk around the mall or the street, luxury brands can make you slow your pace down to look at their product display. It is not just about beautiful and eye-catching product displays, but also how the luxury product itself oozes opulence, wealth, knowledge and power. Most people find superiority and quality in luxury brands which can’t be obtained from ordinary day-to-day brands. Do you feel the same? If so, please read the article carefully and find out what you can learn from luxury brands!

1. Each luxury brand tells stories

Do you still remember the time when you finally got your job or found your first love? It stays still in your heart, right?

We all love a good story, which can never be forgotten. Luxury brands also have a good story, which is inspiring and motivational. Each luxury brand tells a story through their product and brand image that clients and staff are passionate about. Rolex, a well-known luxury watch, tells that Hans Wilsdorf as one of founders dreamed and obsessed people to wear a watch around their wrist since 1908. Mario Prada and his brother began by selling animal goods in a leather shop. Also, Richard Mille who started his job as marketer, through thick and thin, finally launched his own brand which is known for revolutionary watches, Richard Mille.

2. Customer service is the key

Customer service is the key for running the business. It’s not a new thing for customer service to be the main focus for the brand. Luxury brands beat other brands as they do not only providea quick in-and-out visit for the customers, but also go the extra mile for the entire experience. Luxury brands have stores that draw you in with high technology, from the music played, lighting, to the smell of the store. The clothing displayed appeals to the discerning buyer, and the personal service is at its best.

3. Luxury brands are confident in their product

When someone wears a luxury brand like Burberry, Fendi, Coach, Rolex, or Richard Mille, we recognize it easily. The reason behind is because luxury brands have confidence in their products. But it doesn’t mean they are closed with fashion trends. Luxury brands have a base, signature look or style, which is the benchmark for every creation going forward.

4. Social media is kept up to date

Day by day, social media has become the most used platform. Everyone connects on social media, they are looking for stories, products, and the trend which appears on social media. Nowadays, luxury brands join the hype to constantly remind you that they are there, reliable, and won’t let you down. Louis Vuitton posts every day, Prada – 3 times a day , Cartier every day, Gucci and Rolex have even joined TikTok. Luxury brands are staying up to date.

5. Luxury brand balances the classic and trending

Luxury brands manage to strike the perfect balance between what is trending yet still keep things classic. They also continue to make their product remain exclusive, rare and often unobtainable. The trend that luxury brands will continue is to use more eco-conscious materials, like organic cottons, vegan leather, hemp, and bamboo fibres in their products.

6. Less is more

One thing that everyone can relate to about this, is that advertisements or campaigns that are made by luxury brands are always clean, simple, and draw attention to the beauty of that one product. Meanwhile, non-luxury brands will often have a busy advert and sometimes too much information. This clean and simple concept is also applied for their stores.