Adam Levine, renowned for his musical prowess as the frontman of Maroon 5, has harmoniously united his passion for horology with the expertise of Artisans de Genève, giving birth to “Neon”.

The “Neon” timepiece represents a genuinely singular and personalized take on the iconic 116508 gold Daytona, crafted explicitly for Levine. This reinterpretation is a unique creation that reflects Levine’s distinct taste and style.

Levine is a big watch collector, and most of his personal collection comprises Rolex watches. So, it is no surprise that the artist opted for a Rolex Daytona to craft a personalized timepiece. Now, let’s dive in for a closer look at this masterpiece.

Adam Levine’s Influence on the Artisans de Genève Custom Rolex Daytona

The genesis of this collaboration sprouted from a personal idea that took root in Adam Levine’s mind. Having caught glimpses of the custom pieces masterfully crafted by Artisans de Genève, Levine found himself inspired.

While nestled in his thoughts one night, he took the leap and shot an unexpected email to the artisans, sharing his vision for a unique Rolex Daytona.

The brainchild of this creative synergy is a singular gold Daytona, its pushers adorned with the hallmark screw-down design and a distinctive white dial reminiscent of the Paul Newman style – an homage to the vintage 6263 model.

Yet, this timepiece bears its twists: the subdials are elegantly skeletonized, and the bezel takes on a luminous white hue, providing a unique take on classic aesthetics. However, its luminous dial and bezel set it aglow, casting a captivating light in the darkness.

For Adam Levine, this endeavor transcends the ordinary. He describes the project as profoundly gratifying, a departure from the conventional watch enthusiast norms that have governed his perspective for so long.

A Closer Look at Adam Levine’s Neon Rolex Daytona Specifications

Adam Levine Neon Rolex Daytona


This watch is delicately curated to perfection and showcases an intricate web of specifications defining its enchanting allure. Its dial emerges from a singular sapphire block, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship invested in its creation.

The bezel, reminiscent of a bygone era, carries the charm of retro bakelite, gracefully fusing nostalgia with contemporary sophistication. The dial and bezel come alive with celestial luminosity, a creation of Billight in Geneva, casting an ethereal glow.

Beneath the crystal, the watch reveals a modified 4130 caliber, its intricate inner workings displayed through transparent subdials. The wheels, a symphony of engineering, are graced with a rose gold galvanic touch.

To seal the collaboration’s unique character, a glowing X insert adorns the rotor, a final flourish that marks the harmony of vision and craftsmanship.

Adam Levine Neon Rolex Daytona


Artisans De Genève, Master of Personalized Watchmaking

Artisans De Genève stands as an artisan workshop that distinguishes itself by its dedication to the art of watchmaking, operating outside the sphere of watch manufacture and sales. Their services include modifications that are handcrafted.

Their workshop is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and all watch modifications are exclusively carried out based on requests within their workshops located in Switzerland. These modifications are executed by skilled and independent craftsmen.

Before embarking on their collaboration with Adam Levine, Artisans De Genève had already carved a niche for themselves by undertaking many distinctive transformations across renowned watch models. Their prowess extended beyond Rolex, encompassing a diverse spectrum of brands, including the illustrious Patek Philippe.

Open to watch enthusiasts across the spectrum, Artisans De Genève extends their services beyond collaborations with notable figures like Adam Levine.

All watch owners have the opportunity to tap into their expertise for personalized transformations of their timepieces. The fee for these services naturally varies, tailored to each individual’s specific demands and preferences.