Fashion should never be limited by rigid gender boundaries, a principle championed by renowned fashion designer Hartono Gan, known for his gender-fluid creations. 

Recently, Luxehouze had the opportunity to chat directly with Hartono, sharing insights into his embrace of gender-fluid fashion.

In this article, we explore Hartono’s journey and glean styling tips from his collaboration with Luxehouze, focusing on breaking gender boundaries in attire.

Gender-fluid Fashion: Breaking Gender Boundaries in Attire

Every designer has a unique style, and Hartono’s signature lies in his gender-fluid designs. He has long been fascinated by the concept. He admitted that the primary challenge in developing this style is striking a delicate design balance. 

“First, I have to find the balance, how to make them masculine and feminine at the same time, without altering the wearer’s essence and identity,” explained Hartono.

Gender-fluid fashion is often misunderstood, with many confusing it with cross-dressing. Hartono aims to educate people about these distinctions through his designs to educate the general audience about fashion. 

“As a fashion designer, I always try to let people know what gender-neutral garment is and how it differs from cross-dressing,” he said.

Unisex Watch Recommendations by Hartono Gan

During his meeting with Luxehouze, Hartono shared tips and recommendations for attire styles unrestricted by gender. 

He seamlessly integrated Luxehouze’s watch collection with his designs. Watch the video below to discover all his recommendations.

1. Rolex Datejust Green Index Jubilee

Firstly, Hartono adorns the Rolex Datejust Green Index Jubilee, which features a 36mm dial. This watch complements a black tuxedo ensemble paired with similarly colored trousers. 

Hartono’s creation suits formal occasions impeccably, with the Datejust being synonymous with dress watches suitable for formal events. 

Moreover, according to Hartono, due to its 36mm size, this watch is suitable for both men and women. 

“With this size, it can be worn by both men and women without compromising wrist proportions,” says Hartono. 

Due to its simplistic design, this Rolex Datejust resembles jewelry or an accessory that enhances overall attire.

The Rolex Datejust watch is currently available at Luxehouze, with prices starting from IDR 197,000,000. 

hartono gan unisex watch

2. Cartier Santos Green Dial

Next, we have the Cartier Santos watch with a unique square-shaped dial. This watch exudes elegance with its color and appearance. Hence, Hartono pairs it with luxury attire. 

“That’s why I pair this watch with a very elegant suit. It’s semi-fitted and has a very nice cream-cotton white shirt inside,” he remarked. This style leans towards semi-casual, not overly formal, and not too casual. 

According to Hartono, this combination is suitable for all-day wear. One distinctive feature of this look is the watch itself. Hartono’s selection boasts a green dial, unlike the typical white dial Santos. 

“We all know that we normally have Santos on a white dial, but this one comes on a grey dial. I wear it almost every day because it’s very versatile,” he shared. 

If you want to own this Cartier Santos watch, you can find it at Luxehouze, starting from IDR 109,000,000.

hartono gan unisex watch

3. Patek Philippe Aquanaut Singapore Edition

The third recommendation is the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Singapore Edition. Hartono pairs this watch with a leather jacket from his personal brand, Bottega Veneta turtleneck, and wool trousers from Hartono Gan. 

Remarkably, despite wearing tailored trousers, Hartono manages to create a sporty and relaxed appearance. 

“You can even look elegant and sporty in tailored pants. And I pair this whole look with the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Singapore Edition,” he said. 

Similar to the preceding styles, this third style suits both men and women. The Patek Philippe watch worn in this style is also aptly considered unisex. 

If you’re intrigued by this versatile timepiece, you can acquire it directly from Luxehouze, which is available at the Luxehouze Boutique in Jakarta. 

hartono gan unisex watch

Hartono Gan’s Journey in the Fashion Industry

Hartono’s childhood experiences paved the way for becoming a designer. His fascination began upon seeing photos of Karl Lagerfeld, the German designer behind Chanel, in a magazine. 

“It’s very interesting to be a designer because it looks very glamor, it looks very fascinating to a kid like me,” Hartono reminisces. 

The path to becoming a designer was neither easy nor short for Hartono. Despite harboring dreams of a fashion career since childhood, Hartono only truly succeeded after many years. 

Thanks to the support of his family and those around him, he pursued education in fashion school and eventually established his clothing label in 2009. 

“It’s been 15 years ago. So it doesn’t happen in 1-2 days, it’s been a long journey,” he reflected.

Hartono’s story inspires anyone interested in venturing into the fashion world. Additionally, his styling recommendations with Luxehouze can serve as valuable references.

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