In September, Luxehouze once again took part in a prestigious event, this time at Sparkling Solitaires, held from September 12th to September 24th, 2023, at the Main Atrium of PIK Avenue, North Jakarta.

Sparkling Solitaires is a curated market specifically focusing on showcasing exquisite jewelry collections and luxury products. This event was organized by All Access Jakarta, an experienced Event Organizer known for orchestrating various successful bazaars in the past.

As a luxury goods marketplace, Luxehouze added an air of sophistication to the bazaar. Luxehouze was prominently featured at booth D5, presenting a diverse range of luxury watches for both men and women, along with a selection of high-quality fashion products.

Every product showcased at the Sparkling Solitaires event was available at exceptional prices. Luxehouze also extended an exclusive opportunity to booth visitors, offering discounts and special gift vouchers, subject to the terms and conditions in place.

Interestingly, during the event, Luxehouze also hosted an engaging activity known as the #LuxehouzeGlamCam Mirror Selfie Contest. Lucky winners had the opportunity to receive gift vouchers and a one-night stay at The Gaia Hotel.

This initiative is not limited to the Sparkling Solitaires event alone; Luxehouze plans to consistently organize such activities for booth visitors at every event they participate in.

Luxehouze Sparkling Solitaires

In addition to the watch and fashion collections, Luxehouze also introduced a selection of accessories. Among these were the Legacy Diamond Shields and women’s watch straps from Rubber B. 

It’s important to note that Luxehouze’s products are not limited to the Sparkling Solitaires event. They can also be found on Luxehouze’s online marketplace.

For those who still need to explore Luxehouze’s collection, you can visit our boutique directly, conveniently located at Prosperity Tower unit 8AF, SCBD, South Jakarta. 

Rest assured that all Luxehouze collections are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and available at competitive prices. The range is extensive, encompassing various types of products and brands.

Looking ahead, Luxehouze is committed to continually offering special promotions through multiple events. Stay updated by following Luxehouze on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube for comprehensive information. Your luxurious experience awaits!