Recently, Luxehouze was featured by one of Indonesia’s leading online publications,, in an article titled “Saat ‘Girlboss’ Sophia Amoruso Berbagi Kiat Adaptasi di Dunia Kreatif.” 

The article highlights Luxehouze’s involvement in FinfolkCon 2023, where Shinta Yanirma, the VP of Marketplace Operations and Strategy at Luxehouze, participated as a panelist in the Empower Her Club segment.

The panel discussion centered on “Adapting to the Changing Beauty & Fashion Industry and Seizing Opportunities in Uncharted Markets.” Shinta Yanirma shared her insights on how to adapt to the highly dynamic fashion and beauty industry. 

This session was just one of the many events organized as part of the comprehensive agenda of FinfolkCon 2023.

FinfolkCon 2023 featured a stellar lineup of notable figures, including renowned artists such as Cinta Laura Kiehl, Grace Tahir from Mayapada Group, Merry Riana, Bong Chandra, Triniti Land, and many others. 

Notably, the conference also attracted prominent international business personalities, such as Jordan Belfort of “The Wolf of Wall Street” fame and Sophia Amoruso, the American entrepreneur and founder of Nasty Gal.

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Read the whole article by here: Saat ‘Girlboss’ Sophia Amoruso Berbagi Kiat Adaptasi di Dunia Kreatif