JAKARTA, 26 June 2023 Luxehouze collaborates with Mine’s Skin Clinic to present an exclusive evening soirée festivities at the Luxehouze SCBD Boutique. Carrying the theme of Elevating Beauty, Embracing Luxury, this event was held to invite guests to enjoy the luxury of Luxehouze Boutique through the first boutique gathering as well as to celebrate the first anniversary of Mine’s Skin Clinic. This event was also attended by dr. Gaby Syerly, an Indonesian celebrity beautician and doctor at Mine’s Skin Clinic; Monica Francesca, Instagram personality and Founder of Moonboocha; and Chef Clara as a Celebrity chef, as well as various other top Indonesian artists and public figures.

From a variety of fun activities – mingling, shopping with Luxehouze, being pampered with beauty treatments from Mine’s Skin Clinic, and entertained by food and drinks from Monboocha and Chef Clara, invited guests experience a first-hand look at our new boutique. Additionally, legacy sticker demos from Luxehouze as well as botox and filler presentations demonstrated by dr. Gaby Syerly and Mine’s Skin Clinic, further complemented the vibrant experience of this event.

Luxehouze Reps said, “Who doesn’t like being able to enjoy beauty and luxury all in one place?. Not only can you look beautiful from the clothes you wear, I believe that you can look beautiful by taking care of oneself. Therefore, through this collaboration Mine’s Skin Clinic and Luxehouze Boutique aimed for guests to experience the innovation of the beauty industry. We hope that this collaboration can inspire the greater public on ways to look beautiful and confident that can be realized with this collaboration”

Invited guests also enjoyed various luxury goods collections from Luxehouze and the beauty of newly opened Boutique which is located in the center of Jakarta. Indonesian celebrities who attended, such as Hesti Purwadinata, Sonya Pandarmawan, and Clara Sha, styled and tried the various bag collections from Hermès and the ranges of luxury watches from Rolex and Patek Philippe that are being showcased at the Luxehouze Boutique. Monica Francesca, Instagram personality and Founder of Moonboocha also added, “It was truly humbling to be invited to this exclusive soirée event with Luxehouze and Mine’s Skin Clinic. I also experienced very exclusive and luxurious moments at Luxehouze Boutique, moreover being able to see the luxury goods that I was eyeing directly and consult with trusted client advisors. Thank you Luxehouze and Mine’s Skin Clinic!”

This event is part of the series of Luxehouze’s grand re-opening of their Jakarta Boutique to the greater public. In the future, Luxehouze hopes to inspire more consumers to be able to enjoy curated high-end collections while interacting with professional client advisors through the Luxehouze Boutique for a six-star buying experience.

The invited guests enjoyed the event and the various activities that were presented throughout the event.

Representatives from Luxehouze showed invited guests how to install legacy stickers for luxury goods.

The atmosphere was very interactive and lively when dr. Gaby demonstrated the botox and filler treatments that are usually done at Mine’s Skin Clinic.

The invited guests experience a luxurious and personal experience when they see and try the various product collections at Luxehouze Boutique.

Nycta Gina and Rizky Kinos enjoy a series of fun events at Luxehouze Boutique.