Luxehouze once again seized the opportunity to invigorate the automotive exhibition scene, this time gracing the DNC Automotive Exhibition held from August 17th to 20th, 2023, at PIK Avenue. 

The event, organized by the Day Night Crew (DNC) community, marks their successive endeavors in hosting such noteworthy occasions.

The exhibition holds a distinct significance as it aligns with commemorating the 78th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence. Thus, the event’s inauguration on August 17th bears a profound sense of purpose.

Visitors attending the DNC exhibition are granted the privilege of firsthand encounters with an exquisite array of luxury automobiles, encompassing sports cars and supercars. The showcased vehicles span the gamut from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, and Lamborghini to Porsche.

To enhance the exhibition’s grandeur, DNC has extended invitations to several luxury goods partners, among whom Luxehouze is prominently featured. Within this collaborative endeavor, Luxehouze is proud to present an exclusive collection of luxury timepieces and select Hermes handbags.

Exclusively tailored for patrons of the DNC Automotive Exhibition, Luxehouze extends special pricing on its curated product range. Moreover, enticing bundle packages await those who opt for synchronized acquisitions alongside specific automobile models.

Luxehouze’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience continues. Additional advantages manifest as enticing lucky draws and gift vouchers exclusively bestowed upon attendees who grace Luxehouze’s presence during the exhibition, subject to the prevailing terms and conditions.

Good news for those who may have missed the opportunity to visit Luxehouze’s booth at the DNC Automotive Exhibition. Luxehouze will once again take center stage at another DNC-organized event, namely the specialized big bike exhibition scheduled to unfold at PIK Avenue from August 23rd to 27th, 2023.

Notably, the avenue to access Luxehouze’s exquisite array of luxury timepieces, Hermes handbags, and accessories remains open through the Luxehouze marketplace. 

Each product proffered is guaranteed 100% authentic, representing a diverse spectrum of esteemed brands, all attainable at the most favorable prices.

For those captivated by the allure of Luxehouze’s special promotions within the forthcoming DNC big bike exhibition, rest assured that a comprehensive information cascade awaits on Luxehouze’s InstagramTikTok, and Youtube  channels. Stay tuned for the complete revelation of offerings!