From November 9 to 12, 2023, Luxehouze participated in the Jakarta Watch Exchange (JWX) 3.0, an event that brought together luxury watch enthusiasts to discover the finest collections. This time, the event was held at the Main Atrium of PIK Avenue, North Jakarta.

JWX 3.0 was brimming with various activities, ranging from community meetings, Live Talk Shows with experts in horology, giveaways, live music, and Watch Trade Shows. 

luxehouze jwx

As a marketplace specializing in luxury goods, Luxehouze was a natural fit as one of the participating tenants, adding a touch of sophistication to the exhibition at JWX 3.0. Luxehouze set up its booth at B3, where it displayed an array of captivating collections.

Luxehouze showcased some notable collections, including watches and accessories such as straps from Rubber B and watch protectors from Legacy Diamond Shield. All items found at the Luxehouze booth were offered at unbeatable prices.

luxehouze jwx

In addition to exclusive pricing, Luxehouze also entertained guests with engaging activities, such as the Top Spender and Lucky Dip contests, along with discounts of up to 20% on all accessory products.

Not only that but there were also exclusive prizes for lucky customers, with a total prize pool reaching Rp 157,000,000.

luxehouze jwx

JWX 3.0 wasn’t Luxehouze’s debut exhibition; they have previously participated in similar events. Looking ahead, Luxehouze will continue reaching out to customers through various offline activities.

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