Tanka Medium once again hosted the Timeless Society: Alliance, an event bringing together luxury watch enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. This time, Luxehouze seized the opportunity to participate as one of the tenants, adding its allure to the affair.

The Timeless Society: Alliance took place from April 26th to 28th, 2024, at The Veranda Resort Apartment, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. 

Throughout the event, various activities took place, ranging from displays of luxury timepieces, giveaways, flash sales with limited discounts, the debut of new watches from micro brands, and auctions.

tanka timeless society

Exciting Programs by Luxehouze at Timeless Society: Alliance

As a participating brand, Luxehouze engaged in activities including a lucky draw, an IG Live session, and a watch auction. Every visitor of the Luxehouze booth had the chance to partake in an exclusive lucky draw. 

Customers were asked to fill out special lucky draw coupons with their name, contact details, and Instagram handle. One lucky winner was randomly selected to receive the Billstone Voyager 1 Marble travel case.

tanka timeless society

Despite only one winner, those who didn’t win still had the opportunity to receive a complimentary Finx Watch Protection Film with every purchase during the event.

Furthermore, Luxehouze collaborated with Tanka Medium to conduct an auction for the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission To The Moon timepiece. The auction took place on the final day of the event, Sunday, April 28th, 2024.

tanka timeless society

Luxehouze’s Luxury Timepieces Collection

Although the Timeless Society: Alliance event has concluded, Luxehouze’s collection of luxury timepieces remains accessible. One way to acquire them is visiting Luxehouze boutiques in Jakarta, Surabaya, or Singapore. 

Luxehouze boasts an extensive array of luxury watch collections from various brands, all guaranteed to be 100% authentic and offered at the best prices.

For those seeking discounts or special promotions, you can attend Luxehouze’s future events. Stay tuned for the latest information on Luxehouze events and promotions via Luxehouze’s official Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube!