For Rolex enthusiasts in Surabaya, a special event awaits you this June. From June 1st to 30th, 2024, Luxehouze presents The Rolexperience, where each customer has the chance to acquire their chosen Rolex watch at a special price. 

This promotion also applies to purchases in Surabaya. Moreover, on June 22nd-23rd, 2024, there will be an offline event, The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering, at Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya. 

Visit the Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya at Pakuwon Trade Center Level UG unit F3/03-05, and discover your desired Rolex watch at Luxehouze!

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Exclusive Rolex Watch Collection at Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya

While Luxehouze’s Rolex collection is available online through their marketplace, some watches are exclusively available at the Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya. So, what are these exclusive watches?

1. Rolex Lady Datejust 28 279174 Pink Roman Jubilee

rolex luxehouze surabaya

Rolex’s collection caters not only to men but also to female collectors. One of the women’s watches available at Luxehouze is the Lady Datejust 28 279174 Pink Roman Jubilee.  

True to its name, this watch features Roman numerals on its pink dial, giving it a feminine touch. The 28 mm case size is perfect for a woman’s wrist. 

This watch is crafted from stainless steel, paired with white gold on the bezel. It is powered by the Rolex Calibre 2236 movement, offering a power reserve of up to 55 hours. At Luxehouze Surabaya, this Lady Datejust is available starting at IDR 136,000,000.

2. Rolex Datejust 31 278273VI Green Jubilee

rolex luxehouze surabaya

Rolex’s Datejust line is not exclusive to women but also for men through the regular Datejust models. One such model available at Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya is the Datejust 31 278273VI Green Jubilee

This watch showcases a striking olive green dial, complemented by the natural steel color of the case. The strap features a blend of silver steel and yellow gold. Overall, it exudes elegance and luxury, suitable for formal occasions. 

It houses the Calibre 2236 movement with a 55-hour power reserve. The date window at the three o’clock position is magnified by a Cyclops lens for easy readability. This watch is available starting at IDR 275,000,000.

3. Rolex Datejust 36 126234 Blue Index Jubilee

rolex luxehouze surabaya

Another notable model in the Datejust line available at Luxehouze is the Datejust 36 126234 Blue Index Jubilee. The ‘Jubilee’ in its name indicates that it features Rolex’s signature Jubilee bracelet. 

Its blue dial is paired with the natural silver hue of the steel case and bezel. The 36 mm case size makes it suitable for both men and women. The date window, enhanced by a Cyclops lens, is positioned at three o’clock. 

It runs on the self-winding Calibre 3235 movement, offering a 70-hour power reserve and water resistance up to 100 meters. At Luxehouze Surabaya, this timeless design is available starting at IDR 182,000,000.

4. Rolex Daytona 116518LN Black Paul Newman

rolex luxehouze surabaya

True Rolex collectors are undoubtedly familiar with the Paul Newman dial. This rare dial, first produced in the 1960s, is named after the actor and race car driver Paul Newman. 

It typically features contrasting subdials. The Daytona 116518LN Black Paul Newman  predominantly sports black on both the dial and the rubber strap, lending it a sporty look. As a unique edition watch, it commands a higher price, starting at Rp 640,000,000.

5. Rolex Yacht-Master 40 126621 Choco

rolex luxehouze surabaya

Among Rolex’s unique collections is the Yacht-Master, dedicated to sailors and water sports enthusiasts. One such model available at Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya is the Yacht-Master 40 126621 Choco.

This watch combines trendy colors—brown, rose gold, and silver. The brown dial is complemented by the rose gold bezel and bracelet elements. Despite the rose gold, this watch is designed for men, as indicated by its larger 40 mm case size. 

As a sailor’s watch, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters. Interested buyers can find this model at Luxehouze starting at IDR 232,000,000.

Enjoy The Rolexperience Promotion from Luxehouze

All the watches mentioned above can be found at Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya. Additionally, selected Rolex watches can be purchased at special prices during The Rolexperience promotion from June 1st to 30th, 2024. 

Purchasing watch accessories during the promotion period also comes with special discounts, and there are additional gifts for transactions made during the promotion. 

To enjoy even more benefits, RSVP and join The Rolexperience Exclusive Gathering at Luxehouze Boutique Surabaya on June 22nd-23rd, 2024. Visit Luxehouze boutique and secure your dream Rolex watch before the promotion ends!