As time passes, your watch’s battery may lose its power. When this happens, promptly replacing it with a new battery is crucial. But, do you know how to change the luxury watch battery?

You can replace watch batteries at home with ease. There are simple steps to follow, making the replacement process achievable without relying on a service center. Keep reading to discover the method for replacing watch batteries.

Can You Replace a Watch Battery on Your Own?

Luxury timepieces indeed harbor intricate technology within. However, you can still replace the batteries at home. This method is more economical and spares watch owners at the expense of professional servicing.

Nevertheless, changing the watch battery must be approached with care. You must ensure that the watch does not incur damage or scratches in the process.

It’s also important to note that replacing watch batteries at home is not advised for timepieces with water-resistant features. Such watches typically use specialized batteries that are challenging to procure independently.

how to change luxury watch battery

Additionally, it’s crucial to check the warranty card for the watch. Some luxury watch brands prohibit owners from independently accessing the watch components. Opening the watch case at home may result in voiding the warranty card.

Therefore, you should entrust battery replacement to a service center if the watch is still under warranty. However, once the warranty period has lapsed, there should be no harm in attempting to replace the watch battery at home.

How to Change a Luxury Watch Battery

To begin the battery replacement process, there are several tools you’ll need, including a flathead screwdriver to pry open the caseback and remove the screws. 

Additionally, ensure you have the new battery ready and that it matches the exact specifications of the old battery. Here’s how to replace the battery of a luxury watch yourself at home.

1. Open the watch caseback

The caseback is the rear part of the watch case. It serves as the “door” to access all the components inside the watch. 

First, remove the caseback of the watch. Pay attention to the shape of the caseback to determine how to open it. Some casebacks can be pried directly with a screwdriver, while others are secured with tiny screws that need to be removed first. 

If the watch has small screws on the caseback, use a screwdriver of the appropriate size and shape to remove them one by one. Be careful to avoid scratching the watch.

2. Gently remove the rubber gasket inside the case

Some watches have a rubber or gasket inside the case. This is to ensure that the caseback is tightly sealed. Gently and carefully remove the gasket. Store it safely to prevent damage and ensure it’s easily found when reassembling.

3. Remove the old watch battery

Next, locate the watch battery. Determine whether the battery has a cover and screws. If there is a specific cover, remove it along with the screws. If not, gently pry the battery out. 

Before removing the battery, note its correct orientation—know which side faces up and which faces the movement. This is crucial as the new battery must be placed in the same position.

4. Replace with a similar battery

Once the old battery is removed, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Many types of batteries are available, so make sure to use the same type as the original battery in the luxury watch.

An easy way to ensure the same type is by checking the numbers on the battery. Usually, batteries have a code with 3-4 digits. To avoid purchasing the wrong battery, bring the old one and match the code when buying a new one.

5. Reinstall the rubber gasket and caseback

After the new battery is securely in place, it’s time to close the caseback that was previously opened. Ensure the battery is positioned correctly and tidily. If the battery has a cover, reinstall it and tighten the screws with the appropriate screwdriver. 

To close the watch, start by reinstalling the rubber gasket. Position the gasket correctly. Then, reinstall the caseback by pressing it to ensure a perfect seal. If the caseback has screws around it, install them one by one and tighten them.

Signs Your Luxury Watch Battery Need Replacing

When is the right time to replace the battery in a luxury wristwatch? There’s no definite answer to this question. Generally, a watch battery will last for approximately three years. 

However, this can be influenced by various factors such as usage intensity, how the watch is maintained, storage methods, etc.

how to change luxury watch battery

Therefore, instead of guessing when to replace the battery, it’s better to recognize the signs indicating it is starting to lose power. Here are the characters that your watch battery is running low.

1. Irregular second hand movement

In watches with nearly depleted batteries, the movement of the second hand will appear irregular. For instance, the hand may jump two to five seconds at a time instead of moving every second. 

Usually, after this occurs for a few days, the second hand will stop moving altogether. This indicates that the battery is completely drained, and the watch stops functioning.

2. Strange sounds from inside the case

When the watch battery runs low, you may hear strange sounds from the case. For example, the sound of the second hand movement may become louder than usual or there may be a sound of the movement being too forceful from inside the watch. 

This is also an indication that the watch battery is running low. If you hear unusual sounds coming from the watch, it’s advisable to be prepared to replace the battery.

Those are some things to know about how to change a luxury watch battery, as well as the signs indicating that the battery needs replacement. You can replace your watch battery at home but always handle it carefully to maintain its condition.

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