Tom Brady’s name continues to resonate, even after he retired from professional football earlier this year. The legendary quarterback has managed to stay in the public eye, and his recent appearance at the halftime of New England’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Gillette Stadium has only amplified his presence. 

While many were eager to hear what Brady said during the ceremony, what adorned his wrist caught the attention of watch enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike.

During the ceremony, Tom Brady sported a timepiece that transcended mere functionality and entered the realm of horological artistry, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6241 “John Player Special” in stunning yellow gold. 

It’s not just the remarkable Rolex Cosmograph Daytona that has elevated Brady’s status among watch enthusiasts. Tom Brady has long been recognized as a watch enthusiast, piquing the interest of collectors who are eager to uncover the rest of his timepiece collection.

If you’re fascinated by the timepieces adorning the wrist of a football icon who has defied age and expectations, read on!

One of the Rarest Rolex Watches Found on Tom Brady’s Wrist

During the halftime ceremony honoring him at Gillette Stadium, during New England’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, all eyes were on Tom Brady.

Not just for his football legacy, but for a remarkable timepiece that graced his wrist: the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6241 “John Player Special”.

Tom Brady watch collection

Crafted in the 1960s, this particular Daytona model earned its nickname thanks to its striking resemblance to the John Player Special Formula 1 race cars, famed for their distinctive black and gold livery.

The watch features a captivating black dial adorned with contrasting gold sub-dials and a tachymeter scale, exuding a blend of sportiness and sophistication. The fusion of the black acrylic bezel and the 14-karat gold case adds to its allure. 

The “John Player Special” has become a highly coveted collector’s item, arguably standing as the most precious Rolex in Brady’s impressive collection.

Despite a somewhat softer vintage watch market in the past year, this particular timepiece is only getting hotter with time. Out of the approximately 3,000 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6241 watches produced during the mid-1960s, a mere 300-400 were crafted in luxurious gold, and only a select few were graced with the coveted “JPS” black dial. 

These exclusive dials featured the same typeface as the famed “exotic” variants, notably produced by Singer, which became iconic in “Paul Newman” Daytonas.

However, the addition of a matching yellow gold Jubilee bracelet truly elevates Tom Brady’s watch game. This accessory doesn’t just complement the already rare watch head; it transforms it into an absolutely irresistible and complete package. 

Brady’s wrist wear choice is a testament to his impeccable taste and ability to fuse elegance and rarity into a single statement piece effortlessly.

Tom Brady’s Rare and Limited Edition Watch Selection

The exceptional Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is just one of the unique timepieces that have graced Tom Brady’s wrist. The former American football quarterback has displayed a penchant for limited-edition watches. Among the notable pieces he has been spotted wearing are:

1. Richard Mille RM 012

Before the ceremony, eagle-eyed watch enthusiasts spotted Tom Brady flaunting another horological gem on his wrist – a Richard Mille RM 012. 

This wasn’t just any Richard Mille, but a platinum-cased Richard Mille RM 012, a model that debuted in 2006 following two years of intensive development and the creation of four prototypes. Its extreme rarity truly sets it apart, with a production limited to a mere 30 pieces.

This classic Richard Mille timepiece is quintessentially RM, characterized by its distinctive tonneau-shaped case and a tourbillon complication. Upon closer examination of the movement, one can observe the absence of a conventional baseplate holding the components together. 

Instead, the watch features a pioneering arrangement of Phynox composite tubes suspended within a web-like structure, an industry-first testament to Richard Mille’s unceasing commitment to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking.

Beyond its rarity and innovation, this limited edition Richard Mille RM 012 is a historic milestone within the brand’s illustrious lineup, with its tonneau-shaped case crafted from cutting-edge materials. 

The transparent dial offers a mesmerizing view of the intricate mechanics at play. At the same time, the ergonomic design ensures that it’s not just a horological masterpiece, but also a comfortable companion for the discerning wearer.

2. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Le Mans”

Tom Brady watch collection

At the U.S. Open, keen observers couldn’t miss that Tom Brady proudly adorned his wrist with the recently unveiled Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Le Mans, crafted from exquisite 18-karat white gold. This timepiece had just made its debut earlier in the summer, adding a touch of novelty to luxury watches.

In a fitting tribute to the 100th anniversary of the race and the 60th anniversary of the Daytona model in 2023, Rolex unveiled a limited-edition white gold Daytona Le Mans. 

This timepiece boasts a central sweep seconds hand capable of measuring intervals as brief as 1/8 of a second, and on the dial, two counters meticulously track elapsed hours and minutes.  

The result is a watch that not only pays homage to a century of motorsports excellence but also showcases the pinnacle of horological craftsmanship. It’s no wonder that Tom Brady, a connoisseur of fine watches, chose to adorn his wrist with this masterpiece during the U.S. Open.

3. Rolex Day-Date 36 “Puzzle”

Tom Brady watch collection

In August, Tom Brady garnered attention for his choice of wrist wear, notably the Rolex Day-Date 36 “Puzzle.” This distinctive timepiece was unveiled at the Watches & Wonders Geneva trade show in late March, marking a notable addition to Rolex’s illustrious collection.

Rolex, renowned for its Day-Date model, often dubbed the “President”, as it epitomizes the luxury brand’s essence, took a creative departure with this particular variant. Instead of the conventional date wheel, they introduced one adorned with 31 emojis.

This includes endearing symbols like a kissing face and a playful panda. Regrettably, the smiling poop emoji did not appear. On the day wheel, Rolex replaced the ordinary day indicators with uplifting words such as “Love”, “Faith”, and “Hope”. 

What truly distinguishes this timepiece is its champlevé enamel dial, which assumes the shape of colorful and intricately interconnected puzzle pieces. 

In a further departure from tradition, Rolex replaced the standard hour markers with baguette-cut sapphires, adding an extra touch of luxury to the ensemble.

Notably, Tom Brady’s iteration of this unique piece is crafted from Everose gold, making it an exceptional addition to his already illustrious collection. It’s worth noting that he shares ownership of this remarkable watch with the musician John Mayer.

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Tom Brady watch collection

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