In watches, the clasp plays a crucial role. The watch clasp serves to secure the wristband snugly around the wrist. 

Particularly in luxury timepieces, many clasp variations adorn these exquisite accessories. Let’s delve into the array of watch clasp types and glean some tips on selecting the ideal one.

Common Types of Watch Clasps

There are at least seven general types of watch clasps frequently used. Typically, these clasp variations are tailored to suit the material of the watch bracelet. Here, we outline these seven types:

1. Tang buckle

The tang buckle, commonly found on watches with leather or rubber bands, serves as the connector between the strap and the watch dial. 

Additionally, it acts as a secure fastener, ensuring the strap remains firmly in place around the wrist. This clasp type is often referred to as ardillon.

watch clasp

2. Butterfly clasp

Next in line is the butterfly clasp, distinguished by its concealed mechanism. This clasp type is generally invisible when the watch is worn. 

Comprising three parts of varying lengths, with one part featuring a longer fastening component compared to the two segments situated at each end of the strap.

3. Bracelet clasp

The bracelet clasp is commonly used on watches with stainless steel straps. The locking mechanism of this clasp is straightforward: hook the two parts together, close, and lock until secure. To release the clasp, simply press the two buttons on the sides of the clasp.

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4. Single fold clasp

Also known as the folding clasp, the single-fold clasp is frequently used on watches with stainless steel straps. This clasp’s locking mechanism is similar to that of a belt buckle. 

It comes in various types, such as regular and push-button deployment clasps. The clasp folds over itself to secure the strap, and to release it, you only need to press the button on the side of the clasp.

watch clasp

5. Deployment clasp

Deployment clasps are commonly used on watches with leather straps. The locking mechanism is akin to that used on other leather straps. 

The clasp consists of three parts that facilitate easy usage, allowing you to insert the watch on your wrist, lock it with the button hook, and unlock it with the button hook.

6. Push button clasp

Push button clasps are equipped with one or two buttons on the clasp’s sides that must be pressed to lock or unlock the bracelet. This mechanism is known for its security, as it won’t easily open during activities. 

The push button clasp operates by pressing the button to activate the locking mechanism, ensuring the clasp only opens when you want it to.

7. Hook buckle

This clasp type is more commonly found in casual or sports watches. Using a hook that is either pulled or inserted into a hole on the watch strap, it secures the watch around the wrist. 

While not as universal as other clasp types, the hook mechanism remains a popular choice for timepieces exuding a relaxed style.

How to Choose the Right Watch Clasp

watch clasp

Typically, when purchasing a wristwatch, the bracelet and its accompanying clasp come as a unified set. 

However, both the bracelet and the watch clasp can always be customized to individual preferences. If you’re contemplating a strap and clasp replacement, consider the following factors:

1. Elegant style

To complement an elegant style, opt for a clasp crafted from metals such as stainless steel. Metal clasps exude luxury and sophistication, boasting intricate and captivating constructions. 

Among the suitable clasp types for an elegant demeanor is the Deployment Clasp, renowned for its widespread usage.

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2. Classic style

For a classic style, select a clasp with a simple and timeless design. Clasp variants like the Pin Buckle and Single Fold Clasp align well with this aesthetic. 

By aligning with the desired style, one can choose a clasp that not only enhances the visual appeal of the watch but also ensures comfort during wear.

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