Following the 2021 release of a limited edition Tank Cintrée in lustrous 18k yellow gold, Cartier is back this year with another exquisite offering, a special limited edition Tank Cintrée, this time crafted in luxurious platinum.

Tank Cintrée collection, known for its distinctively elongated and curved case, has always been a hallmark of Cartier’s design ingenuity. It combines art and function seamlessly, embracing the essence of Art Deco style while ensuring impeccable timekeeping accuracy.

Read on to delve deeper into the exquisite details of the Cartier Tank Cintrée Limited Edition in Platinum!

What We Know About The New Cartier Tank Cintrée Limited Edition In Platinum

The watch features an off-white eggshell dial adorned with large Roman numerals encircling the rail tracks. A noteworthy detail on the 7 o’clock Roman numeral is the thin serif that gracefully follows the path of the rail track, a nod to vintage Tank Cintrée examples. 

Cartier’s commitment to replicating even these minute details is commendable. The Breguet-style hands provide a vintage touch that adds to the watch’s charm.

The platinum case of the new Tank Cintrée maintains the familiar dimensions of 46mm by 23mm, but Cartier has managed to make it slightly thinner at just 6mm. As with vintage Tank Cintrée models, the long brancards are polished, while the horizontal sides sport a brushed finish.

Underneath its elegant exterior, the watch is powered by the Cartier caliber 9780 MC, which is essentially the ultra-thin Jaeger-LeCoultre 849 movement. 

Measuring just 1.85mm thick, this movement perfectly complements the slender, curved case of the Cintrée. The only trade-off is the relatively modest 36-hour power reserve, a minor concession for such a remarkable timepiece.


Adding a touch of sophistication, a ruby graces the cabochon crown, a combination of materials often reserved by Cartier for anniversary celebrations. In this case, the release commemorates 100 years of the Tank Cintrée in platinum. 

While some might find the anniversary connection tenuous, it undoubtedly contributes to the watch’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The Tank Cintrée Re-Edition: Cartier’s Classic Reborn

The Cartier Tank Cintrée has always held a special place among luxury watch enthusiasts. Its allure lies in its rarity and the distinctive yet refined design that sets it apart. Among all the variations of the Cintrée, the platinum edition reigns supreme.

Among the diverse range of Cartier Tank Cintrée platinum watches, one particular variant has earned its place as the most iconic and well-recognized: the 1927 example of the Tank Cintrée in platinum. 

This historical timepiece gained widespread recognition when featured as part of Phillips’ prestigious Winning Icons sale.

The 1927 Tank Cintrée in platinum is celebrated for several distinctive features that have made it legendary among collectors. One of its hallmark attributes is the bright dial, which, over time, often acquired a charming eggshell patina.

The dial of this vintage masterpiece is adorned with black printed Roman numerals and tracks, contributing to its timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. These elements were part of the original design when the watch was first introduced in 1923.


This latest release marks the fourth entry in Cartier’s Les Rééditions series, an initiative to reintroduce historically significant and beloved timepieces to collectors. The program debuted in 2021 with the Tank Cintrée 100th Anniversary and Pasha Perpetual Calendar, followed by the Pebble last year. 

Each of these re-editions faithfully recreates vintage models in limited quantities, igniting collectors’ passion worldwide. The platinum Tank Cintrée is expected to generate similar excitement.