It’s important to ensure the authenticity of your watch, especially if you spend a great deal of money to purchase it. Nowadays, many fraudulent sellers offer fake watches that look just like real ones, which may sway unknowing customers to buy them. You surely don’t want to spend your money on a fake item, do you?

One way to avoid this is by checking the serial number that can be found in a specific area on your watch. By checking your watch’s serial number, you can gain information such as year of manufacture, selling price, and many more. How? Follow these 6 steps to check your watch’s serial number!

How to Check for Watch Serial Number 

1. Check on the Watch Document

If you obtain some documents when you purchase your watch, you can easily check for the serial number on those documents. You can find the serial number, warranty card, model number, receipt, and many more. Go through the documents carefully so you don’t miss any important data.

2. Check in the Company’s Online Database

The next step to check a watch’s serial number is from the company’s online database or website based on the watch’s brand. Some watch brands offer this information for their customers.

All you need to do is input the watch number and wait for the information. You can find data such as the watch’s year of manufacture, reference/model number, selling price, and more.

3. Check the Back of Your Watch

Another way to check the serial number is by checking the back of your watch. If you purchase a modern watch, you can most likely find the serial number at the back of the watch. Make sure not to mix it up with the reference or model number.

4. Check between Lugs (for Rolex)

While most watches have serial numbers on the back, Rolex has them differently. If you have recently purchased a Rolex watch and want to check its serial number, check between the lugs. To do so, remove the watch strap.

If you find a different set of numbers there, take note that the model number usually has 4 to 6 digits while the serial number usually has 8.

5. Check Inside the Case Back

Check your watch serial number inside the case back. Some watch brands place their serial number and model number there. If you are unsure how to open it, go to the nearest watch store to prevent any damage.

6. Cek in the Movement Part

Do you have a watch with a transparent sapphire case? You can view the serial number on the back part. The watch serial number can usually be seen in the movement part. You may find it hard to distinguish it apart from the other numbers, so use a magnifying glass to be sure.

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Those are six ways to check for your watch’s serial number, from checking the document, online database, and many more. To avoid confusion, make sure you can differentiate between the serial number and the reference or model number.

Watch serial numbers are useful to obtain information such as authenticity, year of manufacture, and selling price. Thus, make sure you know the serial number of your watch.

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