There are many cases when buyers mistakenly buy counterfeit watches, and even Indonesian celebrities have fallen prey to these schemes. However, there are ways to avoid such trickery if you know how to check if the watch is original.

Typically, sellers of fake watches will set prices significantly lower than market rates. To the uninformed buyer, this may appear advantageous. However, such a glaring price disparity is often an indicative sign of inauthenticity.

So, how do you avoid being deceived when purchasing luxury timepieces? Continue reading for a comprehensive explanation!

How to Check if a Watch is Original: 8 Easy Steps

Purchasing counterfeit or replica goods is not only illegal but also morally dubious. Furthermore, donning counterfeit items will jeopardize your reputation across various social circles.

Therefore, thorough research is advisable before acquiring any luxury item. Below are ways to differentiate counterfeit luxury watches to avoid falling victim to scam. 

1. Certificate and warranty card

Luxury watch brands usually give certificates and warranty cards as accompanying documentation for every watch purchase. These documents serve as evidence of authenticity.

Counterfeit watches, naturally, lack such documentation. Even if presented, these documents are likely forged. Then, how can we discern fake luxury watches through certificates and warranty cards?

Pay attention to logos, serial numbers, model numbers, spelling, and document printing quality. Ensure everything is aligned and printed on quality paper, free from typos. Also, examine the ink color, ensuring it doesn’t resemble standard printer ink.

2. Serial number and reference number

how to check if a watch is original

The reference number denotes the model or type of a watch, while the serial number serves as a unique identifier distinguishing one watch from another. Serial numbers will always vary for each timepiece.

These serial numbers can be found on the back case of the watch. Verify the watch’s serial number by matching it with the number stated on the certificate and warranty card. 

Also, check the watch’s reference number. Some brands inscribe the reference number on the case and dial, while others place it inside the watch’s mechanism. As with serial numbers, ensure the reference number on the watch matches the one on the documentation.

3. Material 

Usually, the type of material used in a watch is clearly stated in its documentation. Additionally, this information can be found on the official watch brand website.

Luxury brands commonly use various materials in watch production, such as genuine gold, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel, as well as leather and rubber for the strap. Decorative elements often feature genuine diamonds and gemstones.

The gold used as luxury watch materials may be white or yellow, typically 18 karats. Meanwhile, stainless steel usually comprises 316L stainless steel or 904L in Rolex watches.

4. Watch weight

The material used in a watch affects its weight. Authentic luxury watches, crafted from various precious metals, typically feel heavier and sturdier when worn. Despite their weight, genuine watches are usually designed to maximize wearer comfort.

On the other hand, counterfeit watches often feel lighter due to their low-quality materials. The difference in weight between authentic and fake watches can frequently be distinctly noticeable. 

Therefore, before making a purchase, lifting or wearing the desired watch is advisable to ensure its weight feels appropriate.

5. Dial details

The dial serves as the face of a watch and is meticulously designed to highlight aesthetics and brand identity. Watch manufacturers typically include stamps or engravings on the dial, known as hallmarks or logos. 

The placement varies depending on the brand, but these stamps are always on the dial alongside the model or brand name. One way to differentiate fake luxury watches is to analyze whether the logos and text on the dial appear genuine. 

Check for any inconsistencies in the logo’s shape. In fake watches, the font may appear different from the brand’s standard, with irregular spacing, excessively thick or thin letters, and asymmetrical text placement. 

6. Watch price

Luxury watches are crafted using specialized methods and high-quality materials, hence their higher price tags, ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. 

It warrants suspicion if the offered price seems too low and comes with overly generous discounts. While the value of a luxury watch may depreciate over time, the decline is not typically drastic and remains consistent with the average price range.

For new watches, one can check the official website of the watch brand for the recommended retail price. As for pre-owned luxury watches, trusted platforms like Watch Analytics provide market price comparisons.

7. Watch packaging

how to check if a watch is original

Another way to check if a watch is original is by examining the packaging or storage box. The box used for watch packaging is of high quality, not excessively thick, but sturdy enough to protect the watch effectively. 

It should appear aesthetically pleasing and robust. Check the printed text on the box for any misspellings, low-quality printing, or false information.

8. Watch finishing

The final step is to inspect a watch’s finishing or surface treatment. This will reveal specific details distinguishing genuine from fake watches. 

In counterfeit watches, the finishing is typically of low quality, as evidenced by peeling paint, gaps between watch components due to ill-fitting parts, and buckles on the bracelet that need to be fixed.

Examine each surface of the watch meticulously. From here, it will become clear whether the watch you’re eyeing is genuine or counterfeit.

Where to Buy Authentic Luxury Watches

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