Many watches come with metal straps that might be too large for your wrist. Knowing how to adjust the watch metal strap yourself can save you a trip to the service center. 

A well-fitted watch feels comfortable and looks better. While taking it to a professional is an option, you can also adjust the strap at home. Let’s explore the steps to resize a metal watch strap effectively.

Getting to Know the Parts of a Metal Watch Band

Before you start resizing, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the components of a metal watch band. Here are two of the most important parts. 

1. Links

how to adjust watch metal strap

Links are the small, individual segments that connect to form the watch band. The number of links varies depending on the watch, ranging from six to twelve or more, influenced by the size of each link.

2. Pushpin

Pushpins are thin cylinders that secure the links together. Sometimes referred to as spring bars or strap pins, pushpins can be removed to detach links.

How to Adjust Watch Metal Strap

Now that you know the parts of a watch metal bracelet, let’s go through the steps to resize your watch strap. 

1. Gather your tools

First, gather the tools needed to remove the links and pushpins. These include pliers, a pushpin tool, and a watch holder or strap adjuster. All these tools can be easily found at a hardware store.

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2. Measure the strap length

Next, measure the length of the watch chain using a tape measure, then also measure your wrist circumference. 

From there, you can estimate how much of the chain needs to be cut. For easier measurement, you can also count the total number of links in the chain. 

3. Determine the number of links to remove

Once you know the total number of links in the watch band, it’s time to determine how many links you want to remove. When wearing the watch, count the total number of links that appear loose or do not snugly fit around your wrist due to excess length. 

Ensure to count the number of links you wish to remove accurately. Avoid making the watch band too short and tight. 

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4. Remove the links

After measuring the desired watch size, it’s time to remove the links. The process of resizing the watch chain can begin by positioning the watch on a holder with the screw part facing upwards. 

Then, identify the links to be removed. If removing more than one link, it’s advisable to lift links from both the left and right sides, rather than just one side. This ensures that the bracelet remains symmetrically positioned when worn again.

Gently unscrew the bolts on the chain or watch links using a pushpin tool. Then, remove the bolts and the links or chains according to your calculations. 

If having difficulty removing the links by hand, pliers can be used. However, ensure to do this with caution to avoid damaging the watch band. 

5. Reattach the straps

After removing the necessary links, reassemble the band by reconnecting the remaining links and securing the pins. Ensure all parts are tightly fitted. 

Try the watch on your wrist again to check the fit. Repeat the process if further adjustments are needed. 

how to adjust watch metal strap


From the explanation above, we can see that adjusting the length of the watch bracelet is not difficult. As long as you have the right tools, this method can be done at home by yourself. In summary, here is how to adjust watch metal strap on your own: 

  1. Preparing tools like pliers and a pushpin tool.
  2. Measuring the watch band and your wrist.
  3. Deciding how many links to remove.
  4. Detaching the necessary links.
  5. Reassembling and securing the band.

It should be noted that there are numerous types of chain watches, and the process of resizing the watch needs to be adjusted accordingly. Each watch brand releases different sizes of links. 

Therefore, if you are unsure about performing the above steps by yourself, it is advisable to take the watch to a more experienced technician.

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