There’s no need to panic when your beloved watch is fogging up. However, don’t let the fog for too long. Prolonged fogging can affect the performance of your watch. The condensation of moisture inside the watch can damage its components, ranging from elements on the dial to movement.

So, what should you do? In this article, we will discuss various causes of watch fogging and provide you with some do-it-yourself methods to address the issue. Let’s dive in!

Why is Your Watch Fogging Up?

Did you know that fogging can occur in all types of watches, including those labeled as water-resistant? The causes are not limited to water submersion alone. To anticipate and prevent fogging, let’s explore some common causes of watch fogging.

1. Temperature changes

One of the triggers for fogging inside a watch is the extreme temperature difference between the watch and its surroundings.

Don’t be surprised if a watch stored in an air-conditioned room fogs up when suddenly exposed to hot and humid conditions. The same applies in reverse. Therefore, be cautious of drastic temperature changes in the environment.

2. Unclosed crown gap

Often, people forget to screw down the crown or pushers of their watches after pulling them out. When the crown or pushers are not fully closed, small gaps can allow water to enter, leading to fogging. To prevent this, always check the position of the crown and pushers, especially after using them.

3. Cracks in the watch

Certain watches use materials that are prone to cracking in certain parts. For example, Materials like acrylic or mineral crystal are thin and easily break upon impact. These cracks are often small and not immediately visible to the naked eye.

Similar to the gaps mentioned earlier, these cracks can serve as entry points for water and contribute to watch fogging.

4. Errors during battery replacement

A watch battery should ideally be replaced in a dry and non-humid area. Why is that? Opening the back of a watch in a high-humidity environment can allow water vapor to enter and accumulate inside the watch. Over time, the deposited moisture can cause fogging.

How to Address Watch Fogging?

If you discover fogging in your watch, there’s no need to panic. There are various methods to address watch fogging, some of which are simple and can be done independently without requiring expert assistance. Let’s explore four methods to address watch fogging!

1. Use absorbent material

One of the easiest methods is using absorbent materials that can remove moisture. The recommended and easily accessible material is rice. However, besides rice, you can also use other materials like silica gel or cat litter. Here’s how:

  • Place rice in an airtight container
  • If possible, unscrew the crown of the watch to facilitate the absorption process
  • Wrap your watch (especially the face) with soft cotton to prevent scratches
  • Put your fogged watch inside the container and close it tightly
  • Leave it for 2-3 days to allow the rice to absorb moisture

2. Utilize sunlight

To address watch fogging, you can also harness the power of sunlight. Here’s how:

  • Similar to the first method, unscrew the crown if possible
  • If you know how you can also remove the back cover of the watch
  • Expose your watch to sunlight with the face upward if the crown is unscrewed or the face downward if the back cover is removed.
  • Wait for your watch to dry. However, there is one caveat.

If the weather is scorching, ensure your watch is not exposed directly to sunlight to avoid overheating. You can place it near a window where sunlight enters.

3. Use other heat sources

If you find the first two methods too time-consuming, you can utilize alternative heat sources in your home, such as lamps or electronic devices.

However, note that for this third method, you may need to remove the back cover of the watch. Therefore, ensure you know the safe procedure to open the back cover. Once you have opened the back cover, here’s what you can do:

  • Place your watch under a lamp for a few hours. You can leave it overnight for convenience.
  • Use a hairdryer to dry the moisture inside the watch. Select the lowest temperature setting, dry from the backside, and avoid placing the hairdryer too close to the watch.
  • Place your watch near a heat source from electronic devices like laptops and leave it until the moisture dissipates.
  • DO NOT use electronic devices like microwaves or ovens to address watch fogging, as it can risk overheating and cause irreparable damage to your watch.

If you choose any of the above methods, ensure that you carefully handle your watch to prevent scratches or further damage.

4. Consult a watch expert

Have you tried various methods but haven’t succeeded? It’s time to bring your watch to an expert. A watch expert possesses the skills to perform tasks you may not be able to do, such as disassembling all the watch components, from the back case to the movement.

By doing so, they can effectively address the fogging issue in your watch. Moreover, if they identify any other damage, such as cracks, they can repair them promptly.

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