In 2023, Rolex saw a notable price decline within the secondary market. As we kick off the new year, Rolex is rebounding with a more conventional price increase for 2024.

Curious about the implications of this shift? Dive into the details in this article to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scenario.

Rolex Increases List Price for 2024

At the onset of each new year, it’s customary for esteemed brands such as Rolex to recalibrate their pricing strategies. In early 2023, Rolex implemented a notable upswing in the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) across most of its models.

This increase particularly impacted those crafted from precious metals and featuring two-tone designs. This marked increase sparked considerable attention and discussion within the watch industry.

Now, in 2024, while Rolex continues its practice of adjusting list prices, the increases are more reasonable. According to the 2024 Rolex price list, there’s an overall uptick of approximately 4% in the RRP, representing a more measured adjustment.

This new pricing structure was unveiled on January 1st, encompassing both Rolex and Tudor models. In addition to the pricing update, Rolex has been quite active since the previous year’s close. 

In late December and early January, Rolex showcased a limited edition Day-Date featuring an enamel dial designed exclusively for the Vienna Philharmonic. 

Rolex has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the Vienna Philharmonic since 2008 and has held the exclusive sponsorship of the renowned New Year’s Concert since 2009.

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Complete List of Rolex Price Increases

This year, Rolex adjusted most of its product lineup. Let’s delve into the 2024 Rolex price list’s intricacies, examining each collection’s details.

1. Oyster Perpetual

rolex price list 2024

The Oyster Perpetual models, especially the 36mm version (Ref. 126000), have seen the most significant surge in 2024, registering a notable uptick of +11.82% compared to the previous year. 

This substantial increase could be attributed to the unique dynamics observed in the secondary market. Resale prices have witnessed a rapid and significant rise, prompting Rolex to recalibrate its pricing in response to this pronounced “market” influence. 

The 36mm model is the frontrunner regarding list price increments over the last two years. Presently, the price for this reference is 15.45% higher than it was two years ago, marking the most substantial percentage hike among all the watches analyzed.

Below is the comprehensive price comparison for the Oyster Perpetual collection, based on the Italian catalog and in Euros. Please note that there may be slight variations in the applied VAT systems in other countries.

ModelReference2023 Prices2024 Prices% Increase
Oyster Perpetual 411243006350 euro6550 euro3.1%
Oyster Perpetual 361260006050 euro6250 euro3.3%
Oyster Perpetual 341242005750 euro5950 euro3.5%
Oyster Perpetual 312772005650 euro5850 euro3.5%
Oyster Perpetual 282762005500 euro5700 euro3.6%

2. GMT-Master II

rolex price list 2024

The GMT lineup has undergone notable price shifts this year. The previous year, the GMT-Master II Batman, Pepsi, and Sprite/Destro experienced a 7% price uptick. 

Specifically, Reference 126710, available in both Oyster and Jubilee bracelet configurations, recorded a substantial increase of approximately +11%. 

This trend is consistent across all variants of the steel GMT, including the ‘Destro,’ with the current pricing hovering around the 11k mark. The 126715CHNR witnessed a more moderate increase at +4.17%.

Adding to the mix, two new models were unveiled at Watches & Wonders in 2023—the GRNR versions featuring yellow gold or yellow Rolesor cases and bracelets. Despite their recent debut, these models haven’t escaped the price surge. The comprehensive list is provided below.

ModelReference2023 Prices2024 Prices% Increase
GMT-Master II Steel Batman Oyster126710BLNR10550 euro11000 euro4.3%
GMT-Master II Steel Pepsi Jubilee126710BLRO10800 euro11200 euro3.7%
GMT-Master II Steel Sprite Jubilee126720VTNR11350 euro11750 euro3.5%
GMT-Master II Rolesor Yellow Gold126713GRNR16300 euro17200 euro5.5%
GMT-Master II Rolesor Rootbeer126711CHNR16000 euro16850 euro5.3%
GMT-Master II Yellow Gold126718GRNR38500 euro40100 euro4.2%
GMT-Master II Everose126715CHNR40200 euro41900 euro4.2%
GMT-Master II White Gold Pepsi126719BLRO40200 euro41900 euro4.2%

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3. Submariner 

The Rolex Submariner collection undergoes a modest price uptick of approximately 4%. There’s no discernible evolution in the collection, maintaining the design integrity from its last update in 2020 as a quintessential dive watch.

Notably, the no-date model (ref. 124060) takes the lead with a pricing increase to €9,550, while the date version experiences a +3.86% rise. The detailed list is outlined below.

ModelReference2023 Prices2024 Prices% Increase
Submariner Date Steel Black124060LN10200 euro10550 euro3.4%
Submariner Date Steel Green126610LV10700 euro11100 euro3.7%
Submariner Date Rolesor126613LN/LB15500 euro16200 euro4.5%
Submariner Date Yellow Gold126618LN/LB38600 euro40200 euro4.1%

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4. Daytona

rolex price list 2024

The Rolex Daytona, hailed as the brand’s star cosmograph, underwent a complete overhaul in March 2023, leading to a change in reference number in April 2023 with the introduction of Ref. 126500, replacing the previous Ref. 116500.

This collection stands out for some of the most substantial increases, particularly in the last two years. Ref. 116508 has experienced a notable growth of +15.28%, ranking second to the Oyster Perpetual 126000 in percentage increase.

The classic model with a black bezel (Ref. 126500LN) has seen a +6.38% increase. Meanwhile, the Oysterflex configuration (Ref. 126519LN) followed a +6.16% uptick. Here is the complete list of Daytona’s new prices in 2024.

ModelReference2023 Prices2024 Prices% Increase
Cosmograph Daytona Steel126500LN14950 euro15600 euro4.3%
Cosmograph Daytona Rolesor12650319350 euro20350 euro5.2%
Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold Bracelet12650839100 euro40800 euro4.3%
Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold Oysterflex126518LN30300 euro31550 euro4.1%
Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Bracelet12650942100 euro43800 euro4%
Cosmograph Daytona Platinum12650677000 euro78600 euro2.1%
Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Le Mans126529LN50900 euro53000 euro4.1%

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5. Yacht-Master

rolex price list 2024

The dynamics of the Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II collections have consistently set them apart from the broader professional collection.

Within the Yacht-Master lineup, we observe some of the most restrained increases in our analysis. 

To break it down, Ref. 126622 sees a subtle uptick of +2.02%, while the model sporting a rubber bracelet (Ref. 126655) shows a growth of +3.96%. 

It’s worth noting that the Yacht-Master II displays the most conservative increase, standing at just +1.86%. For a comprehensive overview, refer to the table below for the complete list.

ModelReference2023 Prices2024 Prices% Increase
Yacht-master 37 Steel/Platinum26862211400 euro11650 euro2.2%
Yacht-master 40 Everose Oysterflex12665528600 euro29750 euro4%
Yacht-master 41 Titanium RLX22662713900 euro14500 euro4.3%
Yacht-master II Steel11668018450 euro18800 euro1.9%
Yacht-master II Rolesor11668123950 euro25700 euro7.3%
Yacht-master II Yellow Gold11668841000 euro44000 euro7.3%

Why Rolex Updates Price Lists Each Year

The yearly uptick in prices isn’t arbitrary—various factors drive it. One major influencer is inflation, coupled with the fluctuations in raw material costs, prompting many watchmakers to recalibrate their pricing strategies.

Recent years have witnessed these components playing a pivotal role in the global economy. The post-pandemic era saw a surge in inflation in the United States and Europe, while geopolitical tensions contributed to heightened costs of both raw materials and energy. 

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In 2023, thanks in part to Central Bank interventions, inflation was curbed, resulting in more subdued list price increases than the spikes in January the previous year.

Notably, the average increase in 2024 is 4%, a significant drop from the 7.8% recorded in 2023—roughly half the percentage. The previous year’s surge was so remarkable that Rolex implemented two increments, one in November 2022 and another in January 2023, aiming for a more gradual adjustment.

The shifts in Rolex collection prices could alter trends in the watch market this year. However, this price increase is definite and aligns with the prevailing market conditions.

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