Wondering what the cheapest Rolex watches are? We know that Rolex watches are offered at fantastic prices. Their watches are made from the world’s finest materials and highly intricate beauty in every part. However, some Rolex collections are still considered affordable considering the brand’s prestige and craftsmanship.

Generally, these Rolex watches are more affordable due to their less complicated details, smaller size, high availability, and other reasons. Rest assured, the quality is still impeccable. Here are the cheapest Rolex watches which cost less than SGD 30,000!

The Cheapest Rolex Watches under SGD 30,000


The cheapest Rolex watch comes from the Air-King series, which was launched in 1945 for the pilots in the Battle of England. The Rolex Air-King was also given as gifts for the pilots who entered retirement. It is truly a classic watch among pilots.

This watch is on the affordable side due to its simple and classic design which helps pilots to tell time easily when working in the cockpit. This watch has a silver bezel and strap, as well as a black dial with large numerals.


Rolex Explorer II is among the cheapest Rolex watch collections. This watch line was first introduced in 1971 as Rolex Explorer for hikers. However, Rolex Explorer II is an upgraded collection of Rolex Explorer 1. The line was created with the cave explorers in mind and, thus, offers more toughness.

This watch can be worn even in the darkest parts of the world, making it a staple for not only cave explorers, but also nighttime adventurers and even professional hikers. The Rolex Explorer has a simple design with a white or black dial. The numerals are big, allowing you to tell time easily.


Rolex Submariner is the next affordable Rolex collection. As its name suggests, this collection is suitable for those of you who enjoy swimming or sea diving. This series is one of the most popular ones from Rolex which is highly sought among luxury watch collectors.

With a time display on the bezel, this watch lets divers track their diving duration and decompression stop. It also has a luminescent Cerachrom that works well in dark underwater conditions.


Rolex Datejust is another Rolex watch that you can get for less than SGD 30,000. This series offers multiple sizes and colors for men and women. In 1945, this watch was created as a two-tone watch. The Oyster Jubilee strap is a signature part of this watch.

Rolex Datejust is available in 31, 36, and 41 mm sizes. You can pick the one that suits your wrist best to complete your look. It also comes in different colors from silver, gold, to rose gold.

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Those are some of the most affordable Rolex watches which you can get for less than SGD 30,000. These timepieces can be worn for various occasions, from daily activities to extreme sports.

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