Many watch terminologies may sound foreign and challenging to understand. These terms usually relate to the features they offer, such as the stopwatch, tachymeter, dive watch, and more. These terms are generally written on the name or brand of the watch.

You can find a watch that suits your needs by understanding watch terminology. Every feature in the watch also affects its appearance. Here are the commonly used watch terminologies that you should know!

Common Watch Terminology

1. Caliber

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The caliber is the internal diameter of a gun barrel. However, watch terminology refers to the watch movement or machine. This term is now widely used for naming specific watch movements.

2. Chronograph

In Greek, chrono means time, and graph represents tool. Chronographs are found in quartz and mechanical watches as a stopwatch for various activities, such as running, swimming, and more.

3. Chronometer

The chronometer is a term for watches that have passed standard accuracy procedures, making them highly accurate. This term is used for mechanical watches that should be set in specific periods. It’s best to go for watches with a chronometer.

4. Complication

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Another term for watches is complication. Complication refers to the extra features a watch offers, such as date display, dual time zone, chronograph, tourbillon, and the moon phase, which make the watch and its movement more complex.

5. Dive Watch

A dive watch is another watch term you should know, which refers to watches made for divers. The watch must be tough enough to withstand extreme water pressure to be worn while diving deep. Such a watch is also designed to be legible in the dark.

6. GMT

GMT or Greenwich Mean Time on a watch is the time zone used. Watches with GMT can show dual time zones at the same time. Rolex first developed this feature for pilots in the 1950s.

7. Horology

Horology is another essential watch terminology that means the art or science of measuring time. A horologist, or expert in horology, holds the key to watchmaking, designing its movement, and more.

8. Luminescence

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Luminescence is the watch’s ability to glow when placed in the dark. The light comes from the dial, particularly the numbers, date, and hands. These parts are layered with photoluminescent materials which emit light in the dark.

9. Movement

Movement is the part that sets the watch in motion. It is found in quartz and mechanical timepieces. Nowadays, most watch brands use the term caliber for their movement. The movement comprises several parts, including the spring, gear, battery, and more.

10. Skeleton

A skeleton is a watch design that enables you to witness the movement at work. Skeleton watches have a fully or partially transparent dial.

11. Tourbillon

This watch terminology might sound foreign. However, Tourbillon is a technology developed to prevent movement problems. The components of a watch movement may encounter issues due to gravity, which impacts its accuracy. Thus, the tourbillon is made to tackle this issue.

12. World Timer

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This watch term refers to a watch with features that enable the owner to tell time in different parts of the world. It is suitable for those of you with high mobility who tend to be in different parts of the world often. For example, you can tell time in London, Paris, and other cities.

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