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Watch lovers should be familiar with the different kinds of watch strap, one of them being the leather strap. Every watch strap needs different methods of care. The same goes for leather watches. If you don’t clean it properly, the leather watch strap may get damaged, change in color, and smell bad.

For starters, you need to avoid using water when cleaning leather watch straps. For more information, check out these tips for cleaning a leather watch and keep it like new!

How to Clean a Leather Watch

1. Remove the Watch Strap before Cleaning

The first tip in cleaning a leather watch is removing the strap when you want to clean thoroughly. This ensures the watch strap itself can be cleaned effectively. Moreover, separating the watch strap during cleaning helps prevent any machinery damage.

2. Don’t Let the Watch Get Damp

Every watch strap material has different resistance towards damp conditions. To clean your watch properly, make sure you don’t let it get damp. Unfortunately, sweaty wrists can cause your watch to get damp.

When wearing a leather watch, don’t carry out intense activities that induce lots of sweating. Damp leather straps tend to have an unpleasant smell. If your watch strap starts to feel damp and wet, dry it immediately.

3. Use a Cleansing Agent for Leather

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As leather watch straps shouldn’t come in contact with water, you need to use a special cleansing agent to clean it. This cleanser can make your leather watch clean and look like new. For significant results, clean regularly, such as once a week.

4. Always Keep a Dry Towel

You can use a microfiber towel to clean your leather watch strap. It’s best to carry a dry towel with you when wearing a leather watch. This is because leather absorbs water easily, causing it to change color.

5. Make Sure the Leather is Completely Dry after Cleaning

While using a dry microfiber towel helps clean your leather watch strap, make sure that your watch is completely dry after cleaning it using a special cleanser. This ensures your strap won’t get damp, moldy, or smelly.

6. Store Your Leather Watch in a Designated Place

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After being worn and cleaned, store your leather watch in a designated place. Keep it away from damp places with extreme temperatures to keep your leather watch long-lasting, beautiful, and new. You can use a watch box to keep it away from dirt.

Reminders for Leather Watch Owners

Having a leather watch needs you to pay extra attention to it. Although leather watches have their own kind of intrigue, leather is more susceptible to factors such as water and moisture.

Leather watches are best worn for formal outfits and occasions. Make sure to take note of these tips if you are planning to buy a leather watch.

If you feel like your new leather watch is too tight, don’t stretch the strap too harshly as you may end up damaging it. Use the watch regularly as it will eventually stretch naturally according to your wrist size.

Buy Authentic, High Quality Leather Watches that Last Long

The qualities of an authentic and fake leather watch are incomparable. If you want a long-lasting leather watch, make sure you buy an authentic, high quality one. High quality leather watches have a striking color and shine, adding value to its beauty.

To make sure your watch always looks on point, make sure to replace the strap if it is too dirty. Leather watch straps are best for formal outfits and occasions, but you can adjust it to your preferences too.

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